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Fernando Torres has played only for two clubs, Athletico Madrid and Liverpool.

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Q: What club teams did Fernando torrres play for?
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For what club does Fernando Muslera play?

As of June 2014, Fernando Muslera plays for Galatasaray, a club in Turkey.

For what club does Fernando Gago play?

As of June 2014, Fernando Gago plays for Boca Juniors, a club in Argentina.

For what club does Fernando Torres play?

As of June 2014, Fernando Torres plays for Chelsea, a club in England.

For what club does Juan Fernando Quintero play?

As of June 2014, Juan Fernando Quintero plays for Porto, a club in Portugal.

Which club does Fernando Torres play for?

Chelsea F.C.

What club did Fernando Torres play for first?

Atlético Madrid.

What club does Israel Torres Sanz play for?

Israel Torres Sanz is the brother of Fernando Torres. He was a goal keeper as a youth, but currently does not belong to a club. Fernando Torres is a striker for Liverpool F.C.

What teams are better national or club soccer?

Club teams are much better, because they are not limited to selection. Any player can play for any club; regardless of the country they come from.

Who play soccer in Spain that is famous?

Okay, as a wolrd cup team, which are ppl native to Spain are David Villa, Fernando Torres. BUt for club teams i guess you could say, such as Barcelona def. Messi and Real Madrid Ronoaldo

Which Spanish footballers have played for two top English premiership teams?

The two Spanish footballers to play in the top E.P.L. teams are Antonio Reyes for Arsenal and Fernando Torres for Liverpool and Chelsea.

Can you get recruited to play college division 1 field hockey club team?

club teams in college do not recruit you just have to try out and be in shape!!

What club did Fernando Torres play for before moving to Chelsea?

Before moving to Chelsea he used to play for Liverpool FC P.S Liverpool suck and Chelsea rule