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Samuel Etoo the Cameroon footballer plays his club football with Inter Milan.

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Q: What club does etto the soccer player play for?
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Do you have to for soccer club to a soccer player?

Yes you have to play for a soccer club or team to go into big games that are known like at a stadium. But you certainly don't have to be in a club to play a game of soccer with your friends!

Can you play varsity soccer if you have played club soccer?

yea, but you can't play on another club if you are already registered on a club

What season do people play soccer?

Well, Usually Soccer season are in fall and winter( this is for recreation) If you are a "serious" or "competitive" soccer player you can choose to play club soccer which consists of all year round.

What do you have to do to be a soccer player?

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What sport does josh play?

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Do you get paid to play for a soccer club?

of course!

How much do FIFA soccer players make?

Soccer players are like any other athletes. Their pay depends on how good of a player they are, what club they play for, and how much money that club actually has to pay him.

What is the differences between a soccer team and soccer club?

The soccer team goes out and play the game, while the club supports the team and may go out and play some day.

Can i be a soccer player?

yes you can but its not easy first you have to play for a locol team then hope someone is scouting for a player i.e you so then uyou can get into a academy then hopefully play for the club

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No you don't need a degree. You could play for a club no whether your educated or not.

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The last club he played for was barcelona. but now he has retired from the game..

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