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Team: Santos League: Liga Do Brasil

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Q: What club did neymar play for in fifa 13?
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Can you play as goalie in FIFA 13?

You can have a goalkeeper as your virtual pro in FIFA 13 as you could in FIFA 12.

Is FIFA 13 good?

I play the friendly matches in fifa 13 as well as online matches too. My favorite team on fifa 13 is real madrid and i mostly prefer to play with that team because it also has good players as well as rating.

How do you find someones gamertag by their club name fifa 13?

dolores fc

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How can you change your teams name in pro clubs fifa 13?

go on pro club menu then pro club squad then press leave club

Is the onlinepass required to play online in FIFA 13?

You do require an online pass for FIFA 13. If you buy the game new, the pass will come with the game but if you have bought FIFA 13 second-hand, you will also need to purchase an online pass.

What is pink slips on fifa 13?

It's where you play other people and bet

How do you play multiplayer for fifa 13 ps3?

In order to play a multiplayer game in Fifa '13 on Playstation 3, one must have multiple controllers. Once this prerequisite is filled, you simply choose 'multiplayer' from the game options.

Should you get FIFA 13 or FIFA 13?


What is better WWE 13 or FIFA 13?

fifa 13 of course

Can your virtual pro on carear mode play for a national team?

The answer is no, maybe on fifa 13

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