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The "daily" winner might not get to wear anything special at all.

There's the Yellow Jersey, for the overall fastest, so if you win the first stage, you get that on stage 2. But the winner of stage 3 is not guaranteed to get the Yellow Jersey, unless his time is good enough to make him the overall fastest. etc etc.

Then there's the green for sprints, and the polka-dot for climbs. but they're also awarded according to overall points.

Means if you ride like a king one day after having really sucked for several stages, you still might not get enough points to be allowed to ride in a points Jersey the next day.


There is no jersey for the winner of a stage, which is one day's racing.

But if that win puts you in the overall lead, then you get to wear the yellow jersey the next day.

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Most riders simply wear aerodynamic, wicking, tight-fitting Team clothing, displaying their sponsors.

Some riders gets to wear single-colored jerseys to show that "this guy is overall fastest", "this guy is the strongest climber" etc etc.

When weather gets bad, they'll put on transparent jackets.

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The overall winner/ fastest rider of the TdF gets a yellow jersey.

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Q: What clothes do they have to wear in the tour de france?
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Riders participating in the Tour de France use bicycles. They also wear helmets, cycling shoes, and clothing in their team colors.

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