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Soccer City, Johannesburg

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Q: What city will host the final in world cup?
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2002 world cup final host city?


Host city of the 2002 world cup final?


The only world cup final not held in the capital city of the host nation?

I think it is Tokyo that did not host the world cup in 2002.

Which stadium will host this year's world cup final?

Soccer City stadium, Johannesburg

Which host countries had lost cricket world cup final?

no host country lost the world cup

Which city was 2002 world cup final held in?

The 2002 world cup final was held in the city of Yokohama.

What is the stadium that will host the final world cup match in South Africa?

Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa

Did Paris host the world cup?

Yes in 1998 final.

Which were the host teams that competed in cricket world cup final?


Which country host 1991 rugby world cup final?

The 1991 Rugby World Cup final was held at Twickenham Stadium, in London, England.

How many host teams competed in the history of cricket world cup final?

There were 14 countries in the world cup.

Which stadium has been the venue for two world cup final matches?

The only stadium to host two world cup final matches is the Aztec Stadium located in Mexico City. It was during the world cups Mexico '70 and Mexico '86