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Princeton, New Jersey.

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Q: What city is Princeton in?
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What city is Princeton university located in?

Princeton, New Jersey.

Where does Princeton live?

New York city

Where does Princeton live in New York city?

no answer

In which part of New York is Princeton University located?

Princeton University is located in Princeton, New Jersey. It has no facilities in New York, however, it is about 50 miles from New York City and has good road and rail access to that city and to Philadelphia.

In which city was the film IQ set?

Princeton, NJ

Which state is Princeton the city located?

New Jersey

What city is Princeton mindless behavior from?

Los angeles

What city was Princeton from mindless behavior born?


What state capital is near Princeton?

Princeton University is in the state of New Jersey. The nearest state capitol is the New Jersey capitol city, Trenton, about 20 miles south of Princeton.

Do Princeton kiss the girl in magic city?

i think so

What state and city is Princeton University in?

Princeton, New Jersey08544, USA

Which US city has the largest population of Gypsies?

New York City

What city was albert Einstein residing when he died?

Princeton, New Jersey

Do Princeton live in la or New York city?

priceton pee in mouths

What city does Princeton from mindless behavior live in 2011?

Los Angeles, California

What city has the area code 609?

Area code 609 is in New Jersey, including Atlantic City, Trenton, and Princeton.

What city is halfway between belleville and huntsville?

The city halfway between Belleville, IL and Huntsville, AL is Princeton, KY.

How do you get from New York City to Princeton?

cross into Jersey anywhere and take thruway south.

What city is Grover Cleveland's house in New Jersey?

His house in New Jersey is in Princeton

Where was the battle of Princeton?

The Battle of Princeton took place in Princeton, New Jersey (Near Princeton University)

What color is Princeton from avenue q?

Princeton is "Princeton Orange" with black eyelids, orange and black are Princeton University's colors hence Princeton's name and color

Where is the Princeton Branch in Princeton located?

The address of the Princeton Branch is: 232 Prince St., Princeton, 95970 0097

Where is the Princeton Station in Princeton located?

The address of the Princeton Station is: 328 River Drive, Princeton, 52768 0001

What is the driving distance between Princeton New Jersey and New York city?

50.0 miles.

What city is mindless behavior from?

Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton are from LA and Prodigy is from Philadelphia.