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City with Three Sports Championships in a YearNot sure about 3, but Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Pirates did it in 1979.

There are many cities that have won 2 in the same year, Detroit did it fairly recently with the NBA and NHL.

I was curious as to what city was the closest to winning all 4 championships in a single year, or have had all 4 sports teams make it to the finals in the same year.


While not all in the same calendar year, Detroit won three major sports championships in a 6 month span in the mid 30s (prior to the NBA), making it the only city to win 'all' major pro sports championships within a one year period, and earning the nickname 'The City of Champions'.

The Tigers won the World Series on 10-7-1935

The Lions won the NFL Championship Game on 12-15-1935

The Red Wings won the Stanley Cup on 4-11-1936


A more recent similar example is New York in 1969-1970, though not within a one year period.

The Jets won the Super Bowl in January 1969

The Miracle Mets won the World Series in October 1969

The NY Knicks won the NBA in April 1970


In January 1981, the Philadelphia Eagles lost the Super Bowl to the Oakland Raiders. In 1980, the Phillies won the World Series for the first time, the 76ers lost to the Lakers in the NBA Finals, and the Flyers were defeated by the Islanders; this was the only time in history that one city had competed for the championships in all 4 major sports within one year's time (had the three losing teams won, Philadelphia would have held defending championships in the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL).

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Q: What city has won championships in three sports in a single year?
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