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Q: What city did the colts football team originate in?
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Who are better the colts football team or new or leans football team?

The Saints.

What football team is named after young male horses?

Indianapolis Colts

What is a pro sports team that starts with an i?

Indianapolis colts (Football team)

What is the value of a autographed football from the 1964 Baltimore colts?

autograghed football Baltimore colts 1964 by johnny unitas and team

Are the Colts a professional team?

The Indianapolis Colts play in the American Conference of the National Football League.

Where will the Jacksonville Jaguars football team go?

When Peyton Manning retires where will the Indianapolis Colts football team go?

What is mitt Romney's favorite football team?

Indianapolis Colts

What football team does Princess Catherine support?

the Indianapolis colts

Who is player 29 on the colts football team?

Joseph addai

What is indiana's football team name?

the hoosiers

What football team is the young male horses?

Indianapolis Colts