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The New Orleans Jazz moved to Utah in 1989.

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New Orleans

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In 1979

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Q: What city did the Utah jazz start out in?
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How did Utah jazz NBA team get its name?

The Utah Jazz were originally located in New Orleans, Louisiana, a city with a rich jazz heritage. The New Orleans Jazz were then moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1979.

What citey do the Utah jazz play in?

Salt Lake City Utah

What city is home to the Utah jazz?

Salt lake city.

Where is Utah's Jazzs basketball court?

The Jazz play in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What sports teams that start with the letter you?

· Utah Jazz (NBA)

Who brought the Utah jazz to Utah?

Larry H. Miller brought the Utah jazz to Utah

Words in basketball that start with j?

· jump ball · jump shot · Jazz - Utah Jazz (NBA)

When was Utah Jazz created?

Utah Jazz was created in 1974.

Name of the basketball arena for the Utah Jazz?

its called the energy solutions arena, located in salt lake city, utah.

Who will pass jazz or lakers?

the Utah jazz the Utah jazz noooooo the lakers beat you freakin asses

What was the first NBA team for Utah?

The Utah Jazz who were formerly the New Orleans Jazz.

Who is better the Utah jazz or the portland trail blazers?

utah jazz any day