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Jackie Robinson was the first Baseball player to break Major League Baseball's color barrier that segregated the sport for more than 50 years. He was born and raised in Cairo, Georgia.

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Q: What city did Jackie Robinson grow up in?
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Where did Jackie Robinson grow up?

Pasadena , California.

Did Jackie Robinson grow up fatherless?


What state did Jackie Robinson grow up in?


What city did ross Robinson grow up in?

Barstow, California

Who did Jackie Robinson look up to?

His Dad

Where Jackie Robinson grew up?


Where did Jackie Robinson grow up at what time and place?

He was born in Cairo, Georgia in 1919; but moved to Pasadena, California in 1920.

What city did heavy metal producer Ross Robinson grow up in?

Barstow, CA

Did Jackie Robinson give up on his dream?


How did Jackie Robinson overcome them?

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Where did Jackie Kennedy grow up?

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What did Jackie Robinson learn when he was growing up?

the value of the game.

Where did Jackie Robinson live growing up?

Jackie robinson was originally born in Georgia, however when he was 16 months old he had moved to pasadena, california.

How did Jackie Robinson grow up?

Robinson's father left the family when Robinson was a child. With five children to feed and not enough money, his mother worked hard to raise the children. Because of this, Robinson learned to make his own way in life at an early age.

How did Jackie Robinson break the color barrier?

well Jackie Robinson just never gave up and if he fell he got back up and tryed again till he got it rite

How many schools did Jackie Robinson finish?

up to high school

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What limitations or obstacles that Jackie Robinson had?

Many obstacles that Jackie Robinson faced was because his race. one which was standing up for him self on the bus and not moving to the front which he was arrested for.

What did Jackie Robinson do for black history?

He stood up for the rights of black citizens.

What sports did Jackie Robinson play growing up?

that's a tuff one

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In his first eight in the majors how many bases did Jackie Robinson steal?

Jackie Robinson stole 173 bases in his first 8 MLB seasons. He ended up with a career total of 197 stolen bases.

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Esperanza's family had to put up by living in a tent and working to afford things.

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