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Q: What cities will the torch relay pass through in 2012?
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When is the torch relay starting for the 2012 Olympics?

The Olympic Torch Relay starts in the Greek city of Olympia.

How long will the 2012 Olympic torch relay go for?


How far did the Olympic torch travel for the 2012 Olympics?

For the 2012 London Olympics, the torch traveled 8,000 miles. It passed through 1,000 cities in 70 days, including Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Belfast, Aberdeen, and Newcastle.

How far does the Olympic torch travel?

For the 2012 London Olympics, the torch traveled 8,000 miles. It passed through 1,000 cities in 70 days, including Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Belfast, Aberdeen, and Newcastle.source:

Where and when does the Olympic Torch arrive in the United Kingdom?

The Olympic Torch arrives in the UK on the 18th May 2012. The Torch Relay starts at Lands End on the 19th May 2012. See the link below for more information

What will be the route of the Olympic torch in 2012?

through the town centre

What date did Labrinth run with the Olympic torch?

Labrinth ran through Brent with the Olympic torch on the 25th July 2012.

Who invented the first Olympic torch?

In the sanctuary of Olympia, where the ancient Games took place, a flame burnt permanently on the altar of the goddess Hestia, but transportation of the flame to the site of the modern Olympics did not happen until the 1936 Games in Berlin. It was Carl Diem, Hitler's Games organizer, who proposed a torch relay from the site of the ancient flame. Today, the International Olympic Committee says that the torch "transmits a message of peace and friendship amongst peoples". Extra info; The organizers of the London 2012 Olympics will however most likely bring to an end the torch relay as we know it. The new plan is to take the Olympic torch on a "sports heritage" tour of Britain in 2012, rather than a round-the-world relay under a plan being touted by embattled Olympic chiefs. Worried about the damage caused by Beijing's controversial international relay, which became a focus of violent protests by Free Tibet protesters, they want a gentler countdown to the 2012 Games in London. Instead of being carried through global capitals and trouble spots, the torch could instead take in classic British sporting venues in 2012.

What impact does the London 2012 Olympics have on Chesterfield?

Almost none. Possibly the Torch relay will be passing close, and possibly some of the Olympic football will be played in the area.

When will the Olympic torch go through Augher Co Tyrone Northan Ireland?


Where is the 2012 olympic torch now?

Right now it's going through 3 places Gedney, Bourne and Holbeach

How many holes in Olympic torch?

It has 8,000 holes in the Olympic torch 2012

When was the London 2012 torch light?

The lighting of the torch is part of the opening ceremony

Who carried the 2012 torch?

david beckham and jedward have carried the olympic torch

Where was the 2012 olympic torch made?


What color is the olympic torch 2012?


What colur is the 2012 olympic torch?


Where will the 2012 Olympic torch start?

the 2012 olympics will start in London July the 25th

How many holes are cut in the olympic torch?


How much did the 2012 Olympic torch cost?


How many holes in the 2012 olympic torch?


Where is the torch lit for the 2012 summer Olympics?


What is the 2012 olympic torch made of?

steel and metel

Why does the 2012 olympic torch look like it does?


What does the 2012 Olympic torch design represent?