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fungo circles

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Q: What circles are not on-deck circles on a baseball field?
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What is the diameter of a Major League Baseball ondeck circle?

5 Feet

Why 2 circles near home plate baseball field?

the 2 circles by home plate on a baseball field are called the on-deck circles and they are for the next player up to bat to warm up before going to home plate

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A baseball field is a playing field upon which baseball is played.

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Sun shining on the field.

A magnetic field around a current carrying wire forms?

concentric circles around the wire

Square footage of a baseball field?

The square footage of a baseball field is 4,569ft2

What are corn mazes?

Maize-a type of Indian corn mazes in a field are crop circles-search that term/

What did the the baseball field give to his girlfriend?

A diamond because a baseball field is a diamond shape

Do the Jacksonville Jaguars play on a baseball field?

No, they play on a football field. I believe that the Miami Dolphins played on a repurposed baseball field.

Where was baseball usually played?

on a baseball field

When was Chengcing Lake Baseball Field created?

Chengcing Lake Baseball Field was created in 1999.

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