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The Queen

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Q: What chess piece can move anywhere on the board?
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Which piece on a chess board makes an L-shaped move?

That would be the Knight .

Who is called the Queen of the Chess Board?

The queen is the most valuable piece after the king and can move veritcally, horizontally and diagonaly

What is the significance of queen in the chess?

Other than the King , the Queen is the most powerful chess piece upon the board at nine points and in terms of movement .

What is a castle in a board game?

A castle is a chess piece that can move any number of squares vertically or horizontally. It is also called a rook.

in chess why is a queen better than a pawn?

The queen can move farther and in much more ways than any other piece on the board.

Can the queen move anywhere on the board in chess?

It depends on what you're asking, but yes, in general, the queen can move to any block on a chess board, but she is limited in what she can do. The queen can move as many spaces as are open, in any direction, but only one direction at a time.

If you are in checkmate in chess on Harry Potter then which piece can you move?

You can move your mum

What is the function of the bishop in chess?

A bishop in Chess can move diagonally in any direction as the path is not obstructed by another piece.

What is a black knight in chess?

A chess piece which can move in an "L" formation that is on the black team.

Which is the most powerful piece besides the King on the chess board?

The King is perhaps the weakest piece on the board other than a pawn. The King is the most important, but not the strongest. It can move only one square at a time, whereas other than the pawn, which can only advance two spaces on its opening move, every piece may move more than one space beyond its position. The Queen is the most powerful on the board in terms of movement and capturing power. The King is very vulnerable in the opening and middlegame, but in the endgame where there are no Queens and very few other pieces it can become a monster of a piece.

Do you have to move a piece in chess if you just touch the piece?

With strict rules, yes.

What does the term 'skewer' mean in chess?

The skewer is a horrible move in chess: it is a great move to use in chess to get a great advantage. A skewer is when a piece attacks an opponent's piece, that is stronger than the piece attacking it. It moves the piece out of the way, to leave a less valuable piece vunerable. It doesn't sound bad; but it is!