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Q: What chemicals are released when playing sports that make you not want to use drugs?
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What is drugs are defined as chemicals of?

Because all drugs are chemicals.

Do All drugs contain chemicals?

Yes, all drugs contain chemicals.

Why do drugs have chemicals?

you tell me

What do drugs consist of?


How are hypnotic drugs supposed to work?

Hypnotic drugs are often prescribed to those with sleeping disorders or trouble falling asleep. The chemicals in the drugs are released at certain times to aid in falling asleep, or staying asleep.

Which drugs or chemicals in gaseous form can cause hypersexuality?

There is no certain cause of hypersexuality in drugs, chemicals or gaseous forms of them.

What classification is not included in the Table of Drugs and Chemicals?

The classification of natural substances, such as plants and herbs, is not typically included in the Table of Drugs and Chemicals. The Table mainly focuses on synthetic drugs and chemicals, including pharmaceuticals and illicit substances.

Does using drugs kill you?

of course it does there are chemicals in them

What do drugs do to sports?

Drugs in sports makes sports unfair. Or it causes all players to risk their lives more and more to get an edge. So, if drugs in sports are banned, then it is about who trained the most and has the best skill, not who has the best "pharmacist" (or drug dealer).

Do medicines and abuse drugs both have chemicals?

you wouldnet know you should never do drugs.

How your lungs turns blacks when you do drugs?

Chemicals in the drugs and by extension the smoke that affects your lungs

Are steroids good in sports?

Steroids are not good in sports because they could harm you and are drugs. You should never use drugs.