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The lakers Basketball team

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Q: What cheerleader team has purple and yellow uniforms?
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What are purple and yellow?

Sometimes can stand for Lakers(basketball team)!!

Why are Super Bowl players wearing purple?

Well it depends on which team it is. If the team's colors are purple and yellow they wear that if they aren't purple most likely they wont wear purple....understand?

Does any basketball team have teal or purple as one of their team colors?

Teal has not been used, but purple and yellow are the Wizards' colors.

Kobe Bryant's favorite color?

Yellow and purple, they are his team's colors. He like yellow more though.

What did the warriors uniforms look like in the book travel team?

In the book "Travel Team," the Warriors' uniforms are described as green and gold, with the team name printed on the front. Each player's number is displayed prominently on the back of the jersey. The uniforms are consistently mentioned throughout the story as a symbol of pride and identity for the team.

Where do I find softball team names or logos?

You could look for stores that personalize items. Such as Schuylkill Valley Sports or in some magazines. Or where the team got there uniforms.-k1956

Do the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders have a purple uniform?

uhhh no! the dallas cowboys are blue and white. so that's what color their uniforms are, to support their football team.

Is am making the cheerleader team?


What collage lacrosse team has mostly yellow but some purple?

LSU - Louisianna State University, i think

What are the purpose for a cheerleader?

to promote team spirit and encourage the team to win

What are the release dates for Cheerleader Nation - 2006 Team with a Dream?

Cheerleader Nation - 2006 Team with a Dream was released on: USA: 21 April 2006

What president was a head Cheerleader for the football team?

George W. Bush was the head cheerleader at Phillips Academy.