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Special Olympics and other charaties for needy kids with rough lives.

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Q: What charities did Michael Jordan Donate to?
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What are the names of the charities does Michael Jordan donate to?

what are the names of the charities that michael jordan donate to

What charities donate to the study of Parkinsons Disease?

There are a variety of charities that donate to the study of Parkinson's disease. Some of these charities are; Cure Parkinson's, Michael J Fox Foundation and Cure Parkinson's.

What did Michael Jackson do to help the country?

Donate charities and visit hospitals.

Does Michael Jordan Give to charities?

Yes of course he does he gives to the same charities as the NBA.

Is Michael Jordan involved with any charities?

yes in your moms pants

What charity did Michael Jordan donate 900million dollars?

your mamas

What is Michael Jordan's importance?

he donate 2 million dollar to the family center

Do black athletes donate to charity?

Yes they do like Michael Jordan & the Bobcats donate to NC schools. The NJ Nets donate to poor children on Christmas

Where is a good place to donate to needy people in the US?

Here catholic charities to donate to provide assistance to millions of deprived people. you can consider making a donation to catholic charities to donate to. there are Lots of ways to donate to Catholic charities!

Why did Michael Jackson donate to all those charities?

Because he had a big heart, and wanted to help people anyway he could.

Which world tours did Michael Jackson donate the proceeds to charity?

He donated his proceeds from the Victory World Tour to three charities.

How much did Michael Jackson donate to the make wish foundation?

There is no public information on how much Michael donated to individual charities, just how much he donated over all.