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Q: What chants do cheerleaders say in hebron Ohio?
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What do the cheerleaders say in the BELL HD commercial?

I'm pretty sure they say, "He did it, he did it, he gone and done and did it.... Wooooooo!!!" That's cheerleaders for ya!

Why do cheerleaders always say ew?

It is a common misconception, that ALL cheerleaders say 'Ew'. In most movies cheerleaders are betrayed that way, but not every cheerleader in real life does, atleast I don't, anyways.

What do cheerleaders sing when they are auditioning for Glee?

The Cheerleaders sing, Say A Little Pray For You But it is mainly Quinn singing and Brittany and Santana dancing

What is the spell the cheerleaders say in my babysitters a vampire?

After the cheer, and when in their pentogram they say: Garnovf Vierto Immortalis.

How do you say i am from Ohio in spanish?

You can say "Soy de Ohio".

How do you answer cheers?

It is normal to reply the same - "Cheers" For Example, Cheerleaders: You say, Black, We Say Gold. Black Fans: Gold Cheerleadings: Black Fans: Gold Cheerleaders: Black, Gold White! :: You say, Hacker We Say Wildats... Um, Yeah. Just something, like That.

How do you say 'I hate cheerleaders' in french?

this is saying "i hate cheerleaders" in french "je n'aime pas encourager les dirigeants" but why do you want to say it? cheerleaders are amazing. The above translation is incorrect, re-translated back, it means "I do not like to encourage leaders." The correct translation of the original statement is "Je déteste les majorettes."

How do you say you live in Ohio in German?

I live in Ohio = Ich wohne in Ohio.

Why do people make fun of cheerleaders?

becuase some of them could be jealous. why what do they say r u a cheerlaeder?

Is chant a noun?

Yes, the word 'chant' is both a noun (chant, chants) and a verb (chant, chants, chanting, chanted). Examples:Noun: He recited a chant his mother would say to put him to sleep as a child.Verb: The crowd began to chant, 'Go, Jimmy, go!".

How much should a 9 year old cheerleader weigh?

Cheerleaders have to be picked up by other cheerleaders so say 60 lbs. My daughter is going into cheerleading and weighs 55 lbs. You have to be very thin and strong!!

What are the delta sigma theta chants?

delta sigma theta chants are the best chants ever ,ade i love delta sigma theta and i hope to be 1 in the future cause i love my future delta sigma theta with all my heart i love dst ooooooooooooopppppppppppp Sorry to disappoint you, but never say or write our call if you are not a member--that is very disrespectful. Also, never say that you hope to be a future Delta because you may not be so fortunate and you sound cocky and we don't like cocky women.