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nbc 5

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Q: What channel will broadcast Super Bowl 46?
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What channel will Super Bowl 46 be on?

Super Bowl XLVI will be on NBC.

What Super Bowl is this in 2012?

Super Bowl XLVI (46).

How many times was Tom Brady sacked in super bowl 46?

He was only sacked twice in Super Bowl 46

What super bowl is in 2012?


What number is the 2012 Super Bowl?

Super bowl numeral XLVI or number 46.

What number is Super Bowl for 2012?


Where is Super Bowl 46?

Indianapolis, Indiana

What number will the 2011 Super Bowl be?

The Super Bowl for the 2011 season will be number 46 (XLVI)

What are the roman numerals for super bowl 2012?

Super bowl 2012 was 46 so XLVI

When did the patriots lose to the giants in the Super Bowl?

2011/2012 in super bowl 46 or XLVI

Which network is the Super Bowl on?

The broadcast rights are sold by the NFL for individual years, and through 2023 the US rights will be rotated among three networks in the same succession: Fox, NBC, and CBS.In 2012, Super Bowl XLVI (46) was broadcast by the NBC network.In 2013, Super Bowl XLVII (47) was broadcast by the CBS network.The 2014 Super Bowl (2013 season) will be broadcast by Fox and simulcast on Canada's CTV.Super Bowl broadcasts worldwide (in previous years):In the United Kingdom - BBC and Sky Sports (BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra will broadcast commentary)In France, the game will be broadcast live on W9.In Italy- ESPN America.In Brazil- BandSports.In México- Azteca 7 and XHGC Channel 5.(see the related questions below)

How many years ago was the first Super Bowl?

The first super bowl was 46 years ago

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