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Super Bowl XLVI will be on NBC.

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Q: What channel will Super Bowl 46 be on?
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Related questions

What channel will broadcast Super Bowl 46?

nbc 5

What tv channel will the Super Bowl be on Minneapolis?

The super bowl always shows on CBS. Whatever channel CBS is in your are will be the channel the super bowl is on.

What Super Bowl is this in 2012?

Super Bowl XLVI (46).

How many times was Tom Brady sacked in super bowl 46?

He was only sacked twice in Super Bowl 46

What channel is this years Super Bowl on?

Super Bowl 44 (2010) will be broadcast by CBS (channel 5).

What channel was Super Bowl 45 on?

Super Bowl XLV (45) was televised on FOX channel 5.

Which TV channel will broadcast Super Bowl 2011?

Super Bowl 2011 will be broadcast by Fox (Channel 53).

What TV channel will the Super Bowl be on in Michigan?

The Super Bowl will be on CBS.

What number is the 2012 Super Bowl?

Super bowl numeral XLVI or number 46.

What channel in Denver will show the Super Bowl?

The 2012 Super Bowl was carried by the NBC affiliate, Channel 9. The 2013 Super Bowl will be carried by the CBS affiliate, Channel 4, on February 3, 2013.

What channel will broadcast the Super Bowl in 2012?

The Super Bowl will be aired on NBC.

What number will the 2011 Super Bowl be?

The Super Bowl for the 2011 season will be number 46 (XLVI)

When did the patriots lose to the giants in the Super Bowl?

2011/2012 in super bowl 46 or XLVI

What are the roman numerals for super bowl 2012?

Super bowl 2012 was 46 so XLVI

What channel is the 2009 Super Bowl on dish network?

Super Bowl XLIII will be broadcast on whatever channel is your local NBC affiliate.

What super bowl is in 2012?


What channel is super bowl on in Denver?

Channel 9

How many times have the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl prior to Super Bowl 46?

The Steelers have won the Super Bowl 6 times.

Tom Bradys Super Bowl opponets?

Rams (super bowl 36 victory), Panthers (Super Bowl 38 victory), Eagles (Super Bowl 39 victory), and Giants (Super Bowl 42 and 46 losses)

What channel is super bowl xlii on in so cal?

The channel for the Super Bowl games change each year. The 2014 Super Bowl game aired on CBS and the 2015 game will air on Fox.

Is the Super Bowl on the NFL Channel?

No, the 2008 Super Bowl is being broadcast by FOX.

What tv channel is the Super Bowl on?

The super bowl this year (2021) is on CBS

What channel does the Super Bowl appear on?

The super bowl appears on KCRA in the California area.

What channel broadcasts the Super Bowl in Australia?

Super Bowl XLVIII, was broadcast on FOX.

What channel will broadcast Super Bowl XLV?

The 2011 Super Bowl is broadcast on FOX.