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It is Channel 4, WTAE.

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Q: What channel number is ABC in Pittsburgh?
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What channel is bacheralette on?

the bachelor and bacheralette is on ABC. i cant do the number but it's on ABC.

What number channel is WWE?

in the abc family suff

What channel number is ABC family in highlands TX?


San Antonio - what channel is ABC?

channel ABC is on channel 12

What number is channel ABC on?

it's on channel 7 that's why it's called abc7

What Channel is ABC when you have charter?

ABC is channel 13. ABC Family is channel 55.

What channel number is ABC Family for starchoice In Canada?

There isn't one on Starchoice. Theres other ABC channels. Everything but ABC family..

What channel could you watch the Olympics on 2010?

ABC im not sure the channel number, it depends on the provider.

What channel is abc kids on dish?

ABC Kids is broadcast on Saturday morning on your local ABC channel.

What channel number is ABC family in Houston?

199 kk hope that helps

What channel is abc on on directv?

ABC New York is on channel 60 in HD.

When did ABC Kids Channel end?

ABC Kids Channel ended in 2003.