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It's supposed to be channel 751 but the feed is blank and has been for a few days now. I've called and complained but they are no help. I would encourage you to do the same.

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Q: What channel is the olympic soccer matches on direct tv?
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What time is the US vs Mexico soccer match and what channel is it on?

if you have direct tv it is channel 203 at 2pm i believe

How many minutes in an Olympic soccer half game?

The same as any other: 90 minutes in regular matches.

What channel will real Madrid vs Santos laguna game be on direct tv?

Fox soccer 619

Where can one find a listing of soccer matches to be aired on FOX?

When looking for a listing of soccer matches to be aired on FOX, there are a variety of websites that provide this information online. These include the official "Fox Sports" website which contains a comprehensive "Soccer Channel" section, providing viewers with the most up-to-date schedule information.

Who will show the champions league games in 2010?

Both Setanta Sports and Fox Soccer Channel (FSC) will show the Champions League matches.

What is featured on the American TV network GOL?

GOL is dedicated to the sport of soccer. They show matches from the soccer leagues of Brazil, Argentina, and German Bundesliga. The channel is available in the English and Spanish languages.

Is soccer played in the Youth Olympic Games?

Yes, Soccer is a youth Olympic discipline.

What year was soccer introduced in the Olympic Games?

Soccer was introduced in the Olympic Games in 1990.

Is Kaka in the winter olympic games?

Kaka is a soccer player. Soccer is not an Winter Olympic sport.

What channel does the London 2012 Olympic games?

NBC Universal is covering the Olympics in America. Channels will include: * NBC * MSNBC * CNBC * USA * Universal HD * Oxygen * Telemundo * NBC Olympic Basketball Channel * NBC Olympic Soccer Channel See Related Links for the Official NBC Olympic Coverage Guide

What happened to soccer in univision?

They will keep on airing the soccer matches once closer to the World Cup. They will definetly have the matches for the World Cup. The Liga Mexicana soccer matches are being put on telefutura, another partner program.

Is their soccer in the olympic?