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Channel 11 (CBS) at 9 p.m.

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The NFL Network.

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Q: What channel is the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland on tonight?
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What channel on Uverse will the Dallas Cowboys play on?

Should be on FOX. The Cowboys and Seahawks game is on 4/1004 in Dallas.

What team will win tonight Dallas or Oakland nfl?

Probly Dallas but I'm a my giants fan so Oakland should win

Who has the most Super Bowl titles the Dallas Cowboys or the Oakland Raiders?

The Dallas Cowboys have won five Super Bowl titles; the Raiders have three.

What channel does Dallas Cowboys play Buccaneers?

sky sports

Who owns the NFL network channel?

jerry Jones from the dallas cowboys..

Where can one find more information about Dallas Cowboys videos?

One can find videos of the Dallas Cowboys from several different sites online such as the official Dallas Cowboys website, YouTube, and the video channel at the NFL website.

What okc tv channel is Dallas Cowboys game on tonight?

If you get the NFL Network, there will be live cut-ins from several preseason games, including the Denver Broncos-Dallas Cowboys contest. The NFLN will air a replay of the entire game on Friday, Aug. 12 at 11:30 p.m. EDT.

Which channel can you watch the Dallas Cowboys thanksgiving game?

The 2010 holiday contest between the New Orleans Saints and the Dallas Cowboys will be televised by FOX Sports.

Will I be able to see the Dallas Cowboys game on tv tonight in waco Texas?


Who has more Super Bowl Titles the Dallas Cowboys or the Oakland Raiders?

Dallas has five Super Bowl championships; the Raiders have three.

Did cowboys win tonight?

Yes. Dallas beat the Tennessee Titans 30-10 tonight (08/21/09)

Who are the Giants playing tonight?

Dallas Cowboys and theyre getting killed 6-26 at the half