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currently? none. but on october first 2010, smackdown will move to syfy

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Q: What channel is smackdown on if you have AT and T you-verse cable?
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What channel is Disney channel with AT and T cable?

On AT&T cable, Disney channel is 302 Disney XD is 304

What channel is WWE for uverse at and t?

WWE raw is on 1124 and smackdown is on 1151

Why isn't smackdown 500 on tonight?

why isn;t wwesmackdown 500 on tonight score channel Canada

Is Booker T coming to raw or smackdown?

Booker T is a commentator on Smackdown.

What channel is amc in summerville SC?

The channel for AMC in Summerville depends on the cable provider. On AT&T U-verse it is on channels 327 and 3053, on Time Warner Cable it is on channels 214 and 830, on Dish Network it is channel 131, and on DirecTV it is channel 254.

What channel is POP on ATT Uverse in Kansas City area?

what cable channel is POP on AT&T U Verse in Kansas City area

What channel is fox sports news on?

"For most, Fox Sports News seems to be on channel 513, but could be channel 101 or even a different channel depending on your location and cable company. However, for most companies it does seem to be Channel 513."

What channel is sportsman channel on?

Sportsman Channel is available on Cable, Telco and Satellite carriers across the country. They are on DISH Network channel 395 (and in HD) and on DirecTV channel 605. They are also on Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-Verse. Check your local listing. To see what channel they are on in your cable market, visit their website and put your zip code in the "locator" box in the upper right corner. It will tell you all the providers and channel numbers.

What cable company carries ESPN U?

Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS, Blue Ridge Communications, and AT&T U-Verse carry the ESPNU channel. Comcast cable also carries ESPNU under its digital cable tier package.

Is t pain in Smackdown vs Raw 2009?

No. He is not a wrestler and his song is not on the playlist on Smackdown Vs. RAW.

Smackdown vs raw 2010 M rated?

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010Rated T

What does at&t uverse provide?

AT&T is much like cable in that it provides packages of TV channels.You can choose something very basic with just a few channels or you you can go all out and get every channel available.