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Q: What channel is Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants on?
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When was the last time the Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants at Cowboys Stadium?

On September 13, 2015, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the New York Giants at AT&T Stadium, 27-26.

Who has the most Super Bowl appearances between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys with 8 over the NY Giants with 5.

What team did the Dallas Cowboys lose to in 2008?

New York Giants

Who Is Dallas Cowboys playing?

The Cowboys are playing the New York Giants. Winner is in the playoffs, the loser is out.

Who is better between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants?

Giants all day baby!

Who is in the Dallas cowboy's division?

The Cowboys play in the NFC East along with the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, and Washington Redskins.Division Rivals of the Dallas Cowboys are as follows:Philadelphia EaglesWashington RedskinsNew York Giants

Who is better Dallas Cowboys or New York Giants?

GIANTS, DALLAS, it's ALL THE SAME. That's what makes horse races.

Who is the main rivals of the New York Giants?

The Dallas Cowboys and the Philidelphia Eagles.

Who Arch rivals of the Philadelphia Eagles?

Dallas Cowboys New York Giants

Was Dallas Cowboys in playoffs in 2007?

Yes, but they were upset by the New York Giants.

What is the Dallas Cowboys' opening-day record against the New York Giants?

Through September 10, 2017, the Dallas Cowboys are 9-1 in opening day games against the New York Giants. The Cowboys beat the Giants in the 2017 opener 19 to 3.

Who played defensive back for the New York Giants before he coached the Cowboys?

The New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys are two of the most historic teams in the NFL. The teams also have a link. Tom Landry played for the New York Giants before he became the legendary head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

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