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The Olympics 2012 are going to be on channel 209 and 159 on Dish Network satellite.

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Q: What channel are the London Olympics on for dish?
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What channel is the London Olympics on?

On NBC channel 10

What channel is the table tennis on the 2012 London Olympics?

Foxtel Or Channel Nine

What channel does the 2012 Olympics start at if you have dish network?

Channel 209, 7:30 PM...But I am on the east coast...

What channel is the 2012 summer Olympics on?

The 2012 London games is assigned to NBC.

When is the London Olympics ceromony?

The opening olympic ceromy has finished it was on channel 1 2 days ago

What channel is E! On dish?

Channel 114 on Dish Network.

What channel is hallmark on dish?

DISH does have that channel. It will be on Ch. 185!

What channel is barbie on for dish network?

At this time DISH Network is not currently offering the Barbie Channel. channel 9645 and 095

What channel is the outdoor channel when you have dish network?

If you have DISH Network, you will be able to find the Outdoor Channel on channel 396.

What channel is tnt on dish?

TNT is on Channel 138 on Dish Network

What channel is vh1 on dish?

VH1 is on Dish TV channel 162.

What channel is e entertainment on dish?

Channel 114 on Dish Network.