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The closing ceremony with the extinguishing of the Olympic flame marks the end of that year's games.

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Q: What ceremony that marks the end of the olympic games?
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How do the Olympic games officially end?

Grand Ceremony

What is the final action signals the end of the Olympic games?

The Closing Ceremony signals the ending of the Olympic Games.

What will happen at the end of the ceremony of the Olympic games?

the torch will be put off

How was the end of the Olympics games celebrated?

The Olympic games are celebrated by an opening and closing ceremony.

When do olympic games end 2008?

The closing ceremony of the 2008 Games will be 24 August.

What are opening and closing ceremonies of Olympics?

The opening ceremony signifies the start of the Olympic games and the closing ceremony signifies the end of the games.

Name the athletes who carried great Britain's flag into the Beijing olympic stadium at the start and end of 2008 olympic games?

Opening ceremony: Swimmer Mark Foster Closing ceremony: Cyclist Chris Hoy

What always happens to mark the end of the olympic games?

A closing ceremony will mark the end of an Olympics. All the winning athletes will also walk in with their host country in front of everyone in the arena.

What is the team member in the Olympic opening ceremony carrying it looks like a bowl?

It is a piece of the torch which was lighted at the end of the opening ceremony.

Does the lowering of the Olympic flag signal the end of the Olympic games?


What tune is played at end of each Olympic medal ceremony?

the national anthem of the winner.

When does the london 2012 olympics finish?

The Olympics games will end on the Sunday 12th August 2012.But the Paralympic games will start on the Wednesday 29th August 2012 and they will finish on Sunday 9th September 2012.Closing ceremony on Sunday 9th SeptemberThe 2012 London Olympic's end on the 12th of August with the closing ceremony

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