What celebrity died recently?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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Macho Man Randy Savage

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Q: What celebrity died recently?
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What breed of dog is spud on celebrity juice?

Gary was a bulldog. He recently passed away.

Celebrity children who have died of AIDS?

Rock hudson

What celebrity hit their head and died?

skyler harris

What are some popular celebrity roasts?

The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts are probably the most famous roasts in show business. There have been a series of roasts more recently on Comedy Central as well.

What famous celebrity died from a smoking addiction?

John Wayne

What celebrity person has a horse?

Jillian, from the Biggest Loser, has a horse. Madonna does too. She recently bought a huge horse farm.

What was the celebrity that died on February 11 2012?

whitney houston died the 11 of february 2012

Which black female singers died recently?

Whitney Houston was a black female singer that died recently. She died February 11, 2012, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

What celebrity died January 28 2014?

Pete Seegar, an American Folk singer. He died in hospital.

Who does Gary the dog belong to on celebrity juice?

Gary's owner is unknown because he recently passed away.

Is Elisabeth Sladen died?

yes shes dead, she died recently

What happened to Stevens?

Thought she recently died.