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Q: What celebrities have been seen in la plagne?
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What is Mรขcot-la-Plagne's population?

Mâcot-la-Plagne's population is 1,789.

What is the area of Mรขcot-la-Plagne?

The area of Mâcot-la-Plagne is 37.86 square kilometers.

What type of resort is La Plagne?

La Plagne is a ski resort located in the French Alps. It could be compared to Aspen. It was created in the early 1960's with the intent of not only halting, but preferably reversing the continuing depopulation problems of the area at the time. The project was a success, and today there are eleven different resorts running in La Plagne.

What ski resort is called L Pan?

well there is La Plagne in the alps?

Who are the celebrities that live in LA?

Zendaya Coleman

Where are kristen stewart and Robert Pattinson?

They're both in LA. She has not been seen lately.

Which celebrities were part of LA Models?

The celebrities that were part of the LA Model New Faces promo 2013 video include Shelby, Taylor, Rubina, Denise, and Alyx. The video can be viewed on the website called Vimeo.

Where are the best places to go on holiday in France?

Hi there, depends what you're looking for really. For a summer holiday I can recommend the Languedoc region as well as Provence, while for the winter season and skiing I can recommend the Alpes and Chamonix or La Plagne in particular.

What kind of cigarettes does Bruno mars smoke?

Odd question but I oddly know the answer. American Spirit is his favorite brand from what I seen from paparazzi photos of him around LA. American Spirit is actually a really popular brand for most celebrities.

Which is more dangerous Compton or LA?

Compton, definately. There are a lot of celebrities in LA which means a lot of body-guards too.

Do celebrities go on dates with non celebrities?

only the unshallow ones It depends on the person. If you are looking to date a celebrity-hang around LA and see who you "bump" into. :)

Where do most of the celebrities live?

Most Live In Beverly Hills In LA ,CA

Who is Molly Lasecki?

Brendon Urie's ex girlfriend who has recently been seen at Les Deux, Hyde, walking around LA and even at Panic at the Disco concert in Sacramento, CA with Robert Pattinson. She's an event coordinator who has dated several celebrities on the DL. She's pregnant. Speculation has she doesn't know the who the dad is and has been with Brendon on and off for a year. Now she is currently dating Rob Pattinson...probably wont last.

Most popular ski resorts in France?

Les ArcsLa PlagneChamonixThe Three Valleys(Biggest linked ski resort in the world)Val d'isereMegeveLa Grave(All off Piste)Portes Du Soleil(Biggest ski resort in the world)Flaine

Why do celebrities live in LA?

Celebrities live in L.A. because it is very popular and close to Hollywood. Also because of all the movie studious in near L.A in Burbank, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.

What church do the Jonas brother go to?

they have recently been seen attending gateway church in LA alongside joe's confirmed girlfriend demi lovato.

When did the veronicas become famous?

they where seen by Max Martin and his partner who recorded with kelly the singer of "Since you've been gone"yes so that's how it happened did l say that they where walking along the streets on a rainy day well that's it. Good Luck if you try thatla la la la la la

Where is the La Estacion hotel located?

The La Estacion Hotel is located in Spain. This is considered a prestigious hotel, and is very expensive and very hard to get into. Many celebrities stay here.

What actors and actresses appeared in Le rayon vert - 1986?

The cast of Le rayon vert - 1986 includes: Paulo as in La Plagne Isa Bonnet as in Biarritz Amira Chemakhi as in Paris Paulette Christlein as in Biarritz Yve Doyhamboure as in Biarritz Huger Foote as in Cherbourg Vincent Gauthier as Jacques in Biarritz Basile Gervaise as in Paris Virginie Gervaise as in Paris Friedrich Gunter Christlein as in Biarritz Eric Hamm as Edouard in Cherbourg Claude Jullien as in Paris Alaric Jullien as in Paris Michel Labourre as in La Plagne Liliane Leleu as in Cherbourg Vanessa Leleu as in Cherbourg Gerard Leleu as in Cherbourg Marcello Pezzutto as in Paris Brigitte Poulain as in Cherbourg Sylvie Richez as in Paris Laetitia Riviere as in Paris Marc Vivas as in Biarritz

How do you say as seen on in Spanish?

"As seen on" (television) is translated "Como representado en" (la television).

Why is tmz named tmz?

TMZ stands for thirty mile zone (the area around LA were they find most of the celebrities)

Where does Avan Jogia live?

WikiAnswers will not provide private contact information for celebrities and individuals alike.WikiAnswers will not provide private contact information for celebrities and individuals alike.WikiAnswers will not provide private contact information for celebrities and individuals alike.

If a person had never been to Scotland but flew over there whilst on a flight from London to Los Angeles - would the person have been to Scotland when they land in LA?

They wouldn't have been in Scotland but they would have seen it. Incidentally, the west coast of Scotland looks fantastic from the air.

Does La Choy sell Chinese rice in can?

They used to sell "fried rice" in a can, but I believe it's been discontinued. It isn't among their products on their website, and I haven't seen it in the stores in a few years.

Who is in the miller lite man law commercial?

Numerous celebrities have been in the man law commercials. They include Jerome Bettis, Oscar de la Hoya, Aron Ralston, Ty Murray, Jerome Bettis, Burt Reynolds, Triple H, and Jimmy Johnson.