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If you mean it's slipping relative to the shaft, then it hasn't been installed properly. Grips are usually installed with double sided sticky tape, so the stickum is attached to the shaft and the grip. The installer attaches the tape to the shaft, wets the outside with a solvent, then slides the grip on. When the solvent evaporates the grip is stuck to the tape and the tape is stuck to the shaft, so nothing moves. If it is, the adhesive has failed (or was never installed correctly in the first place. Get the grip replaced at a Golf repair shop. It's cheap.

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Q: What causes your golf grip to shift over when you swing?
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Does anyone have a golf swing trainer that really works?

The medicus dual hinge 5 iron and driver actually help with your swing plane a grip; two essential elements to the golf swing. Definitely recommended!

How can one master the golf grip?

Golfers appear to love spending money on gadgets, videos and courses designed to improve their swing and grip. Many golfers rely on quality gloves to help with their grip. Stores like Golf Town offer lessons and have pros on staff to help with basics like developing a proper grip.

What is golf grip solvent?

Golf grip solvent is lighter fluid/shellite.

A type of golf grip on a golf club?

i have a Winn type of grip and it works great

What is golf grip tape?

Golf grip tape is currently a generic product. There are many manufacturers of double sided sided tape. It is simply a way of attaching a golf grip to a golf club.

Three types of grip in golf?

they have the interlocking grip,the overlapping grip,and the Baseball grip

Is it legal to put a hurling or tennis grip over your golf grip for better feel?

No, the grip must conform to the rules of golf.

What golf skills should you begin working on as a beginner golfer?

It seems that golfers often comment on the "form" and "stance" of other golfers. It would seem appropriate to learn how to grip the Golf clubs, how to hold your arms and body, how to stand, and how to swing properly.

How do swing a golf Club correctly?

Swinging a golf club requires lots of practice and lessons. Their are many different movements that go into a swing and also the way you grip the club is very important. I would recommend lessons then try the driving range until your confortable enough to play a game.

What is the diameter of a golf club grip and head?

Grip: It depends what grip you are using Head: about 45in.

Name three types of grips in golf?

they have the interlocking grip,the overlapping grip,and the baseball grip

Where can I get high quality golf training videos online?

The popular "Dummies" series has one for golf on DVD. It teaches the basics of the game, such as how to grip the club, the proper stance, and swing techniques. There are a few websites you can get high quality golf training videos. One of the best is

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