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if they don't have enough players or they don't feel up to playing or are loosing my a lot

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Q: What causes a team to forfeit a basketball game?
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Can either team forfeit an NFL game?

Yes, they can forfeit.

What is a forfeit in softball?

A forfeit in volleyball, as in any other sport, is when one team gives up the game therefore causing the other team to win automatically.

What happens if a team walks out of the game?

Then the other team wins by forfeit.

If a basketball coach is throwed out of the game and her and her players walk off the court does the other team win and can a parent come and take her place and coach the rest of the game?

No, it means you forfeit the whole game and you lose

What is a sentence using the word forfeit?

The team had to forfeit the game, which meant they lost, because they did not have enough players.

What causes a forfeit to occur?

A forfeit can occur due to a few different issues because of the team, conditions or other problems. A team not being ready, or not enough players can cause a team to forfeit as well as some weather conditions that they do not wish to play in.

What might a baseball team forfeit a game?

rainy day

How many basketball players must a team begin with to avoid a forfeit?

5 players on the court at one time, from each team

What team had to forfeit in the westing game?

The team that had to forfeit in "The Westing Game" was the Westing House team, which was made up of the heirs of Sam Westing. They ultimately realized that they were being manipulated by the game and decided to withdraw from it.

Minimum players in a basketball game?

I think that there has to be 5 on each side, no matter what. If your team runs out of players, you must forfeit the game. NEW ANSWER: person above is wrong. its 5 yes but if ost of ypur team fouls out && u only have 4 people left, then you play with 4 on each team.

What is a sentence with the word forfeit?

The football team had to forfeit the game because they did not have enough players. She had to forfeit her car because she could not make the payments.

When a team forfeits to another team does the team receiving the forfeit get and runs added to their team stats?

The result of a forfeited game is a score of 9-0