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Air resistance

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Q: What causes a falling skydiver to slowdown after the parachute opens?
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Why does a person drop faster when their parachute is not open?

A parachute increases the person's profile, so that more air hits (the parachute) whilst the person is falling. The collisions between the air and the parachute causes the person's descent to slow down.

What happens when you open a parachute?

As the parachute opens, it moves against air which causes air resistance. The air resistance is like friction and will slow down the falling person.

What causes a parachute jumper to slow down?

A parachute... •_•

Causes of recession of South Africa?

One of the causes of the recession in South Africa is the slowdown in the manufacturing sectors. This made a huge impact on the country's economy.

Why does an open parachute fall slower then a closed parachute?

Parachute work by trapping air underneath which causes it to slow down by creating drag if it is closed it cant catch air underneath

What forces act on a skydiver as they are diving?

There are many:The freefall body position of the skydiver. If they are belly to earth, they will fall at 120mph. If in a headdown body position, its around 160mph.The type of jumpsuit a skydiver wears. Some are baggier and therefore have more drag which slows them down slightly. Some wear tight slick materials which speed them up. Further still, some wear wingsuits which deflect the air allowing them to move forward at great speeds and drop their downward speeds to around 40mph.Gravity is the main force acting on a skydiver. It is a constant. When a skydiver jumps, they rapidly accelerate over 10 seconds to their terminal velocity (120mph). This is where their mass matches the resistence of the air around them.Sometimes this can vary very slightly depending on exit altitude, humidity and air pressure.When the skydiver opens their parachute, they typically experience a slow down to around 20mph over 3 or 4 seconds, which exerts a g-force of around 2. Some parachutes are designed to open faster and slower than this.Lastly, when the skydiver comes in to land, they execute a flare which pulls the back of their parachute wing downwards. The causes forward and downward speed to decrease and allows for a gently touch down on the dropzone. With no more weight on the suspension lines, the wing collapses next to the skydiver.

What causes falling water?


What makes a parachute float down slowly?

A parachute has a large surface area so friction with the air is large. This friction, or air resistance, causes the parachute and person attached to it, to come down slowly.

What causes the earth to be slowly falling toward the sun?

Our Earth is not in a falling orbit.

Do holes in a parachute affect its speed?

the more holes in a parachut the less resistance the parachute causes so the more speed the parachuter can pick up causing him to travle at a faster speed with more holes in his parachute

What causes a falling object to reach terminal velocity?

Its the air resistance that causes the free falling body to reach its terminal velocity

What causes objects to accelerate?

Gravity causes falling objects to accelerate.

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