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mine did this too. it was my thermostat. it was such a terrible smell and whenever i used my heat in my car i smelled it too. the thermostat is a pain.

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โˆ™ 2009-02-17 15:36:51
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Q: What causes a 2003 cadillac cts engine area to smell like burning hair?
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What causes burning smell?

A burning smell is typically caused by something that is burning. The element sulfur gives off a smell of a burnt match.

Why would car smell like burning rubber after an oil change?

when changing the oil sometimes oil can be spilled on the engine block. as your engine heats up it causes this smell. it is completely normal

What causes a burning plastic smell coming from van?

Burning Wires.

New car burning smell?

The new car burning smell is probably just the oils burning off the engine. As the engine warms up for the first time, it will release a odor that smells like something is burning.

What causes the smell of burning rubber when you're in the wrong gear going up hill?

That smell is probably your clutch burning out.

What causes burning rubber smell from 2003 ford escape?

burning rubber

What causes a burning smell from car ac?

Several thing scan cause a burning smell from a car A/C. One cause can be that the compressor is burning up. Another possibility is a wiring shortage.

You have the smell of burning oil and the oil light has come on in my 1999 Isuzu rodeo?

could be a gasket that has finally gaveway and the smell of oil is the oil burning on the engine.

What causes a burning smell from the vents of the car when the ac is turned on?

Any smell from the car vents is unrelated to the AC system unless it is an antiseptic smell. Generally, the smells are environmental from your engine compartment, where the fresh air is taken from. If you smell something burning from the vents, then something is heating up to much under your hood. Check your compressor for a worn clutch, or oil leaking onto the exhaust manifold.

Why does a car have white smoke come out of engine and smell like a burning rubber?

because the fan belt is burning

Why would you smell burning oil?

Oil that has somehow gotten onto the manifold of the engine will produce this smell. Any oil leak in and around the engine will produce this.

What causes an intermittent burning smell after parking?

take it easier on the clutch as your reversing

Why do your breaks smell like there burning?

Friction from excessive braking causes heat, thus the lubricant on brakes release this burnt smell.

What causes an antifreeze smell when the ac or heater is on in a 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham?

leaking heater core

What is burning smell 95 Chrysler new yorker?

You'll probably smell that burning smell if your gas is burning right, try putting about a cup of sugar into your gas tank as a catalyst.WRONG!! Do not put sugar in your gas tank! This will likely ruin your engine!!

What causes a burning smell under the hood but no sign of smoke?

It could be a number of things, but the most common reason is because oil is thrown up ontop of the engine and burns off from the heat. could be an oil leak. it could be that your radiator is barely cooling down your engine, and slightly burning oil. there are alot of answers to this question.

Smell oil burning threw your vent when you come to a stop in your 2000 cadillac devil?

oil leaking from valve covers onto exhaust

What would cause a wire burning smell in a 1994 Ford Taurus GL when the engine will turn over but won't start?

The starter is burning.

Why would an engine smoke and smell like burning rubber?

Possibly a problem with one of your belts?

Why does the inside of your car smell like paint fumes after a repair?

New parts burning off protective coating - exhaust parts? Oil spilled on engine and burning off as engine heats up?

Why does my car smell like its burning?

Something is burning. New answer The above answer is obvious as to what coud be burning it could be a number of things. First check the fluids. If any of them are low it could cause a burning smell, top them up to the proper levels. If the burning smell continues then it could be some thing else. Or it could be some fluids spilt on the engine while it was running. It could also be a malfunctioning cercuit, burnt wire, some thing in the engine could be dying out. When in doubt have it checked out asap or the burning smell could burn through your wallet.

Why do I smell burning oil when the defroster is on?

If there is an oil leak inside the engine compartment of the vehicle. The defroster could have some of the smell go into the cabin of the car. The engine should be checked for any oil leaks.

Just bought a new alternator so why the burning smell in the alternator?

Sometimes when parts are new, they have coatings and etc. that will smell when parts are warm. For example, alternator windings are coated with a electrical varnish. When the alternator is charging, it creates heat. This causes the paint to smell and odors such as a burning smell can be common for a couple of days.

Why does my car smell like burning rubber only when the heat is on?

It could be your heater fan bearing. But more than likely its something in your engine compartment that is making the smell. Such as oil burning on the exhaust or a worn accessory belt.

Why does a car engine have a burning smell?

Because it's hot, it burns gasoline, and there are plastic-coated wires.