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Look up the '86 Ford LTD and '86 Dodge Daytona in the parts catalog and compare the part numbers between the two cars to see which, if any, are interchangeable.

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Q: What car parts are compatible from a 86 ford ltd to a 86 dodge daytona?
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Are dodge rims compatible with ford?

Dodge rims are not generally compatible with Ford vehicles due to differences in bolt patterns. Tires however, are compatible with both brands.

What car parts are compatible for a 1984 mercury Capri?

'84 Ford Mustang parts

Does Ford make Dodge parts?

Not as brand-name parts. However, some of the same independent parts suppliers that make Ford parts also make Dodge parts, to the extent that a few parts are nearly interchangeable between brands.

Are 1997 Ford Explorer parts compatible with a 2000 for explorer?


What kind of cars run in the Daytona 500?

In the Daytona 500, Nascar runs the Chevrolet Impala, Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry and the Dodge Charger. And they are all stock cars.

What car parts are compatible with a 93 Mercury Sable?

Ford Taurus parts of the same era.

Will parts from ford windstar interchange on dodge caravan?

Look up a particular year of Ford Windstar and Dodge Carvan in the auto parts catalog and compare part numbers to see which, if any, parts are interchangeable.

What front end parts are compatible with the 92 mercury capri?

Ford Mustang

Is a 97 Ford Ranger compatible with a 2000 Ford Ranger?

Depends on what you are trying to swap. Most parts are some are not.

Are all fuel pumps compatible in the Ford Explorers?

Call your local auto parts store and ask them.

Are parts compatible between 1990 1993 and 1994 Ford Aerostars?

Find the 1990, '93, and '94 Ford Aerostars in the auto parts catalog and compare part numbers to see which parts are interchangeable between years.

Can you take a 94 Ford Taurus alternator and put it on a 97 ford escort?

No, the parts on these vehicles are not interchangeable/compatible with each other. You could use Mercury Tracer parts though.

Is a 1993 Ford Taurus compatible with a 1995 Ford Taurus?

Yes, they should be compatible. Unless you talking about interior parts there may have been some mirror upgrades. Both the 93' and 95' Taurus' are from the same model generation.

Who is better dodge or Ford?

Ford has better quality than Dodge.Ford is OK but dodge is definitely better.

What year is compatible with a 1997 Ford Taurus?

The highest compatibility is in the 1996-1999 models - body parts & mechanically.

Are there any cars that the parts are compatible with a 1994 Mercury Cougar Xr7 V6?

1994 Ford Thunderbird 3.8L V6

What is the similarities between dodge and Ford?

ford is better than dodge

Does ford have any other vehicle with interchangable steering column parts compatible with Lincoln mark VIII?

1995 t bird

Are 1989 Ford Ranger parts compatible with 1991 Ford Rangers?

It really depends upon which parts you are referring to. Since they are the same body style, all exterior panels (fenders, doors, bed, etc) should fit. Also, the interiors should be compatible, but may have varying color options.

Did anyone help Henry ford build the first car?

The Dodge Brothers were Ford's partners and made 99% of the parts used to build the Model T.

What transmissions are compatible with a 2000 Ford Explorer XLS 4x4?

what other engine years are compatible with a 2000 ford explorer

What is the difference between dodge and Ford?

Dodge is owned by FCA, Fiat Chrysler, and Ford is its own independent company. Ford also outsells Dodge in every one of it's same-class competitors. Ford sells more Mustangs than Dodge does Challengers, Ford sells more Edges than Dodge does Journeys, and Ford sells more F-150s than Dodge sells Ram 1500s, Ford sells more Super Dutys than Dodge does Ram Heavy-Dutys. Ford has a great advantage over Dodge and Chrysler.

Who came first dodge or Ford?


Is a 93 Ford Explorer compatible with a 96 Ford Explorer?

No , 1995 was a redesign , so 1991 to 1994 would be more compatible

Does ford own any part of dodge?

Dodge is owned by Chrysler and by Chrysler only. Ford does not own any part of Dodge.

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