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In 2002, Mark Webber drove the #23 car in his first Formula 1 season.

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Q: What car number was Mark Webber in the first season of his Formula 1 career?
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What car number was Jenson Button in the first season of his Formula 1 career?

Jenson Button's first Formula 1 season was in 2000, he drove the #10 car.

What car number is Fernando Alonso in the first season in formula 1 career?

Fernando drove #21 for Minardi in the 2001 season, his first in F1.

How many retirement has Mark Webber had so far in the 2011 season?

So far this season, Mark Webber has had 0 retirements.

How many races for Yuji Ide in his Formula 1 career?

Yuji Ide started four races in his Formula 1 career. They were all during the 2006 season.

What car number was Michael Schumacher in the first season of his Formula 1 career?

Michael Schumacher drove the #32 car in his first ever Formula 1 race on August 25, 1991. He competed in five more races that season, driving the #19 car.

What car number is Ralf Schumacher in the first season of his formula 1 career?

Ralf Schumacher made his formula one debut in the 1997 season for the Jordan F1 Team. He drove car no. 11 in his first season. He finished his debut season in 11th place overall with 13 championship points. His best finish was the 3rd place he achieved in the Argentine GP.

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Who is austrslia's only formula one driver?

Daniel Ricciardo, of the Red Bull Racing team is the only current Australian F1 driver as of the 2014 season. Mark Webber used to be an F1 racer as well, but has since retired from the sport.