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Tennis ball or Vollyboll

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Q: What can you serve but you can never eat?
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How do soldiers serve?

they dont serve they eat

You serve this but never eat it?

What kind of question is this it's so stupid. Sorry to who ever wrote this question, but you suck at telling jokes.

Can you never eat?

No, you cannot never eat. If you never eat, you will die.

What are the '7 sins of serving' in volleyball?

1. never miss your first serve 2. never miss on game point 3. never miss your serve after someone else has 4. never miss your serve after a great play 5. never miss your serve after the other team has 6. never miss your serve twice in a row 7. never never miss your serve

What can you serve that you can't eat?

Customers !

What is yellow and you can serve but cant eat?

Grammatical errors aside, the answer to the old canard, "What is it that is yellow, you can serve, but cannot eat?" is a tennis ball.

What are people allowed to eat at a bat mitzvah?

You can eat or serve whatever you want. However it is of bad taste to eat/serve food that is not kosher. This usually doesn't happen.

How would vacuole in plant serve as defense animal that eat them?

vacuoles in plants serve as defense against animals that eat them my answer is by eat the food..............that"s is so simple

What are some things you never eat for lunch?

You never eat breakfast or supper for lunch.

What do we serve that we don't eat?

a tennis ball

What can you serve to eat with wine?

cheese and crackers

What do you serve that you cannot eat?

A tennis ball.