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Q: What can you see and hear and feel smell and taste when your skiing?
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Which are the five sense?

smell hear taste see feel

Is honoured an abstract noun?

Yes. An Abstract noun is an idea, something you can't physically see, hear, feel, taste, or smell. A concrete noun you can feel, hear, smell, taste, see.

What is smell and taste mean?

Smell and taste are 2 of the 5 senses we humans have: smell, taste, hear, sight, and feel. Guess what? You use your nose to smell and tongue to taste. Surprise, surprise.

What are some 5 senses facts?

Humans have five primary senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Each sense is processed by a different part of the brain, allowing us to interpret and make sense of our surroundings. Our senses work together to provide a holistic understanding of the world around us, allowing us to experience and navigate our environment effectively.

What are the things you can do because of the nervous system?

Smell, Taste, Hear, See, and Feel

Do animals have 4 senses?

Yes they can see, smell, taste, hear, feel, and they can sense

How does poem make you hear see taste feel and smell aspects of life?


Words that depict things you can feel see smell hear or taste are referred to as?

Sensory terms

Fun facts 5 senses?

smell hear feel see taste thoose are the five senses

Do geckos hear?

Of course not!! Geckos don't have any ears!!! All they do is smell, feel. taste, and see!!

What are the different senses called?

#1 Sight #2 Smell #3 Touch #4 Hearing #5 Taste he 5 senses. not the 9. sight smell feel hear and taste

What involves all 5 of your senses?

Eating, you smell it, taste it, feel it, see it and you may even be able to hear it.