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Q: What can you do to make your wife look hot during intercourse?
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Related questions

Can a man have intercourse with his wife during her periods?

Of course but obviosly its going to be bloody.

What intercourse is in Islam?

Intercourse, in Islam, should not be outside marriage, should not be during wife menstruation (period), and should not be through wife's back (not through inserting penis in wife's anus). In addition, both oral sex and intercourse between wife and husband should be mutually acceptable, satisfactory, and enjoyable.

What are the obvious sign that your wife had recent intercourse?

You know..take a look..

How a husband can satisfy his wife during intercourse?

foreplay is most important before intercourse. if u want to satisfy your wife or husband then must learn foreplay and then go for intercourse, otherwise no one will satisfy either it is male or female.

How can you make your wife pregnant?

The usual method is to have sexual intercourse with her.

Is use of light allowed during intercourse in Islam?

It is allowed up to the preference of wife and husband.

Can you have doggystyle in as Muslim?

Yes, you can practice doggy-style intercourse sex as Muslim but on conditions:limited between wife and husband who are licitly marriedanal sex is strictly forbiddenno intercourse sex during wife menstruation (monthly period)to have mutual acceptance and enjoyment.

How do you do intercourse with his wife according to Islam?

The question is very amazing. In all religions and faiths, including Islam religion, it is strictly forbidden to do intercourse sex with a wife of another one. I wonder, the question assumes that you can do it and asking on how to do it. You are allowed to do sex (oral and intercourse sex) with only your wife within a licit marriage per Islam religion. All oral and Intercourse sex modes with your wife are allowed, with your both mutual satisfaction and acceptance, except anal sex and sex during wife menstruation (period).

Can you kiss and hug your wife during her monthly cycle?

There are no physical reasons why you cannot. However, there are certain religions that have strict rules about the relationship between spouses during this time. Per Islam religion, you are allowed to hug and kiss your wife during her monthly cycle but not to have marital intercourse. However, in some other religions, besides not allowed to practice intercourse, you are not allowed to kiss or hug your wife during menstruation, or share the same bed.

Can one see his wife naked during fast?

yes you can but it is not recommended because if one is aroused it could lead to intercourse. Intercourse with ones spouse is not allowed from sun up to sun down.

Does Islam allow intercourse between a husband and his wife while the wife is menstruating?

No. Islam does not allow sex during menstruation. Islam also forbids anal sex and sex with another man's wife.

Do wife suck husband private part during intercourse time?

Not usually....unless it's someone else's husband.

Is a Muslim intercourse with his wife from back allowed?

No, it is not allowed. It is strictly forbidden to practice intercourse with with wife from her back. Inserting the penis in wife's annus is sinful and not allowed.

Is it allowed in Islam to practice intercourse within marriage in a fully lightened room and with wife and husband fully naked?

Nothing in Islam teachings prohibits wife and husband who are licitly married to have sexual intercourse while fully nude and in a lightened room so far privately and to the satisfaction, acceptance, and enjoyment of both wife and husband. Husband and wife can do sexual intercourse in any style and manner including oral sex. Only sex with other than your licit partner is not allowed. Secondly anal sex is prohibited in Islam as well as sexual intercourse during wife menstruation.

What is the right way of intercourse in Islam?

Intercourse per Islam religion is subject to four main rules:It should be only between husband and wife who are licitly marriedIt should be to the satisfaction, acceptance, and enjoyment of both wife and husbandit is forbidden to approach wife during her menstruation (monthly period)It is not allowed to perform intercourse through penis insertion in the anus of the wife.

What does Islam say about sex during menstruation?

Intercourse sex during wife menstruation (monthly period) is strictly forbidden and is sinful. However, oral sex as kissing and touching wife nipples or husband penis could be allowed.

How do you do intercourse in the first night with wife?

you will ask to your wife kindly to get son

How will you know your wife is virgin and if her hymen is broken and she doesnt bleeds during your first intercourse?

If your penis is large or long enough you should feel some initial resistance during depths of your penetration. Depending on the toughness of her hymen you may or may not feel it. Not all women bleed during intercourse for the first time.

What Islam says about sexual relation with wife from her back?

It is strictly forbidden in Islam for husband to perform intercourse with his wife from her back (i.e. inserting the penis in her anus). Also forbidden to perform intercourse with her during her menstruation (period).see related question below for more information.

Can a man see the vagina of his wife in Islam?

Yes. Oral sex is permissible in Islam with the consent of the wife. So, as long as she is willing, it it permissible. The two disallowed things are (1) Anal sex. (2) Intercourse during the monthly period. Yes. Oral sex is permissible in Islam with the consent of the wife. So, as long as she is willing, it it permissible. The two disallowed things are (1) Anal sex. (2) Intercourse during the monthly period.

How do you pregnant to wife?

You have sexual intercourse when she ovulates.

Why did your wife bleed after her first intercourse with you?


How is the sex in the Muslim marriage?

In marriage per Islam religion, the married couple are allowed to enjoy themselves in whichever way they like and accept together and they enjoy both oral sex and intercourse sex but the following two limitations:Forbidden to perform anus intercourse (inserting penis in wife's anus)Forbidden to perform intercourse during wife menstruation (period).

What did Charles perkins do?

he was the first aboriginal Australian to graduate from university. THE 1st. oh and he also had sexual intercourse with his wife to make babies. that's all i know.

How you should do intercourse with your wife?

First you must both do a lot of foreplay and enjoy it, she will be then readyand lubricated for the intercourse act.