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Yes, they will help you jump higher and make you more explosive overall, but make sure you don't put on ones that are too heavy. One's that are too heavy can really mess up your knees. I would recommend using 2 lb weights and run around or play Basketball with then on. Something that would be even better would be a weight vest. The vest distributes the weight more evenly through the body and would allow you to put 30 lbs or so on more safely than wearing ankle weights. This is coming from someone who played football in college and tried a lot of that stuff growing up as well as graduated with a degree in physical education. I am not an expert, but I have some bearing and background in this subject

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your vertical jump takes a lot of time. You have to have good strength, flexibility, speed, and genetics to have a good vertical leap. You can build strength by doing basic excercises such as squats,lunges,calf raises, or leg extensions(you need a machine to do these) Once you build up your strength, start working on your speed. Do plyometrics to increase your speed. Pylometric excersises help to build expolision in your jump, which gets you higher in the air. Any type of excercise is very demanding on your body, so make sure you don't push yourself too hard, or you will get injurred. Take it easy and build yourself up to harder excercises. Make sure you eat plenty of protein and vitamins. Also, you HAVE TO STRETCH before and after you excercise. You are severely damaging your muscules if you don't stretch. Stretching builds elasticity in your muscles, and this helps increase your vertical. You can go to YouTube and look at different excersises you can do to help your jump. Pace yourself and don't get discouraged.

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Q: What can you do to increase your vertical jump with ankle weights?
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How can you increase your vertical leap by ten inches?

if available, use a vertimax. if not, build up glutes, calves, and thigh muscles. jump with ankle weights or a weight vest.

Can someone help you improve your vertical by at least a foot in about 5 months?

The easiest way to increase your vertical is to just wear ankle weights and do a lot of training with those on. Start with low weights at first and after a few weeks go up by a few pounds. You might feel dorky wearing them but after taking off some 8 or 10 pound ankle weights you feel like you can fly when you jump. Hope this helps, good luck.

Does Ankle Weights Make You Jump Higher?

yes it does

Can falling increase my vertical jump?

I don't see how falling would increase your vertical jump. You are risking an injury when you fall.

Can falling increase my vertical jump I jump to grab the net of the basket and pull myself up to grab the rim Then I fall to the ground without any injury?

Falling does not increase your vertical jump but does increase the risk of an injury that can create a barrier to your vertical jump.

Do anklesweights help you jump higher?

No ankle weights destroy your knees so don't wear them

What a good workout routine to increase your vertical?

Increasing your vertical jump can be extremely helpful in sports where height is an advantage, such as basketball. Some good workout routines that increase your vertical jump are the barbell front squat, the box jump and bodyweight split jump.

How did earl manigault jump so high?

He practiced his whole childhood with ankle weights on to improve his jumping heighth.

What is the fastest way to increase your vertical leap?

jump a lot

Can young people increase their vertical jump?

Yes, with exercise to the legs it can be improved.

What is the best way to increase your vertical jump?

getting a penis up your butt

Do hyper-dunk shoes increase vertical?

no there just lighter and its easier to jump