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With two exceptions, a goal keeper may deliberately handle the ball within their own penalty area.

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Q: What can the goal keeper do that is different from other players?
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What are the different players in netball?

There is a center, wing attack, wing defence, goal attack, goal defence, goal keeper, goal shooter

Can a match be played without a goal keeper?

One player must be nominated as keeper for each team for the match to continue. That player must have a different uniform to distinguish them from the other players.

What can football players do that keepers can not?

A goal keeper has all the rights of any other player on the field.

Who are the top 5 netball players?

the goal shooter, goal attact, goal keeper, goal diffence, center

How can a soccer goal keeper score a goal?

most of the time when a goal keeper takes the penalty shot but sometimes when the goal keeper of the other team is so much above his field or area the goal keeper may kick the ball from goal to the other goal.

Can a team not play with a soccer goalie?

No they can't there has to be a goal keeper, if a keeper gets sent off and their are no subs left to bring a keeper from the bench then one of the outfield players have to act as goal keeper instead

How many players are on a netball team and what positions?

7 players: goal keeper goal attack goal shooter goal defense wing attack wing defense center

What 2 players are not allowed in the center third in netball?

goal keeper and goal shooter are not allowed in the centre third. All the other player are. Hope this helped :)

How many soccer players are there in a team?

11 players on the field including the goal keeper. and a few substitutes.

What is the functions of these players in the soccer team?

goal keeper, defense. midfielder, forward

Can a goal keeper be cautioned?

A goal keeper may be cautioned just like any other player.

Does netball has a goal keeper?

The answer is yes, netball does have a goal keeper, the goal keeper is up the other end to the end that you are shooting and they have to protect the net and not let the opposition get the ball into the net.