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confidence remember to breath and not to panic

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Q: What can help you stay calm when playing a tightly competitive soccer game?
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What element competitive sport?

Keep your calm is the way to be victorious in sports.

What kind of weather should you play soccer?

let me guess a nice calm sunny weather

What did Wallace hartly do when the titanic was sinking?

he was playing a song to calm the passengers

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they were playing to keep the passenger calm

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is it love song

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Stay calm. But you may have to sedate him or take him to the vet. Please try not to scare the dog. If you are calm, so is your dog. Simply wait until he is calm, and pin him down gently as if you are playing with him. Stay careful. Then try your best to remove the hook.

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Calm Down, Baby by Mac Lethal.

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Playing calm music has a positive effect on the brain and body, can lower blood pressure.

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Iguanas are very easy to tame but you can never give up because they can be very stubborn to tame them you have to hold them very tightly because they are very fast and when you hold them you rub them very softly and that will calm them down

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They play soccer in all sorts of weather, be it hot or cold, windy or calm, dry or wet. Only if the pitch is unplayable, like by being extremely wet or frozen solid or covered in heavy snow, might a game be called off. That is the decision of the referee.

How do you say be calm in sanskrit?


What is the comparative and superlative of calm?


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as calm as you like

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There is not a calm in a rock. Calm refers to an emotion a person feels. Calm is an adjective. A rock is considered an object and does not feel emotions.

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calm = calme

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The ice is pretty calm.

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He is not always calm.

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calm = tranquilo

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water, its still and calm.

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calm down just calm down calm down just calm down, hey. what. what! DingoBot suspects that this answer includes Gibberish.

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