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If human excrement is not disposed of properly, it can make people sick. For example, if not disposed of properly, it can get into the water supply, which will cause sickness in a lot of people.

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Well first off if you have any exposed skin tears. Or if you digest any of it there can be ALOT of problems, secondly if u come in contact with any contaminants along the lines of a virus or a disease it can infect you via inhalation, digestion, skin tears, or through the eye. Not only that you could go septic fairly quickly if you were to get cut while in that water, the overflow of toxin and bacteria can be fatal.

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Q: What can happen if you swim in water that is polluted with sewage?
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Why can you not use water that is polluted for recreational purposes?

The skin is the largest organ of your body. It will absorb things, including water and chemicals. If you swim or fall into polluted water that pollution will seep into your body. The more time you are in contact with the polluted water, the more pollution will be absorbed by your body

Is the word polluted an adjective?

Yes, polluted can be used as an adjective. Example: Don't swim in the polluted lake.

Is it Dangerous to swim in Polluted Waters?

Yes, it is.

How long can fish survive in polluted water?

It all depends on by what and how severely the water is polluted also some fish cleverly swim to unpolluted waters when the water where they are living gets badly polluted and sometimes bigger fish that cannt travel well will dive deeper than usual to get away from the pollution

How can you avoid sewage in river thames?

Don't swim in it, then you will have avoided it.

What is the benefit of a sewage treatment plant over the pumping of raw sewage into a river of ocean?

Go for a swim, you'll find out.

What kinds of animals are being pollution by the water?

All animals that eat plants by or in the water, live in the water, swim in the water, or drink the water are polluted by water pollution. So basically, if you pollute the water, you are polluting all animals.

What exercise does a dolphin need?

They need polluted water, water, gills ( if born with), and flesh>

How did Lake Taupo become polluted?

It isn't and I know because I live there and swim in it.

What will happen if you swim in dirty water?

You will come out dirty and you may pick up water born diseases.

Can humans die if you swim in polluted waters?

Yes. It does, of course, depend on exactly what the pollution is and whether you swallow any of it or not. Technically, any lake a motorboat has been on is "polluted", since it will contain traces of oil, but you can probably swim in that with no problems.

Can you swim in The Rhine River?

You might, but then the river is very polluted so there is a substantial risk