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You can either use white spirit or petrol, but obviously there are safety issues.

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Q: What can be used in place of golf grip solvent?
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Can white spirit be used to re grip a golf club?

Yes, white spirit is very good to use when regripping a golf club. It is in my opinion, the next best alternative if you don't have grip solvent.

Can you use soap and water for golf grip solvent?

No. The solvent is used to remove the old double faced tape; then to allow the new grip to slide onto the new double faced tape. ANOTHER POSSIBILITY If you're using water activated grip tape then the proper solvent to use is water with just a little shampoo added. Otherwise, the use specialized grip tape solvent, or maybe mineral spirits.

What is a reverse overlap grip used for in golf?


Can mineral spirits be used for golf grip solution?

Yes it can, it is commonly used.

Will carpet tape work to put golf grips on golf clubs?

Yes. As a matter of fact, many golfers used it to make a strong grip on clubs.

Where is the best place to find a used golf car?

The best place to find a used golf cart is usually in local or semi-local classified ads. There are also many auction sites that feature used golf carts.

What is the tool used to place a golfball?

I think it is called a tee but that also holds the golf ball in place until you go to hit it with the golf club.

Where is the best place to buy used golf clubs?

calloway preowned

Is there a name for the hand grip used when arm wrestling?

When this grip is used on it's own it is called the gable grip.

Is Craigslist a good place to find cheap used golf carts?

Craigslist is a good place to find lots of things, including used golf carts. Just keep on the lookout and eventually you will find what your are looking for.

Where can you buy a cheap used golf cart online?

The best place to find used and cheap golf carts online is eBay and kijiji. Many golf companies get in entirely new stock of golf carts and need to sell the old ones quickly.

What can be used in place of white spirits?

Any organic solvent may be a substitute but white spirit is cheaper.

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Can white spirit be used to re grip a golf club?

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