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There are various steps involved in the muscle building and fat burning process, and both of these supplement each other really well together. If you do not have muscles, loosing fat will be very slow. If you do not lose fat, your muscles will not be visible enough. So here a few important steps you need to take:

Workout Schedule: Make a proper schedule for what exercises and timings you are going to follow. Sit down with a weekly calendar and determine how many days of the week you are willing to exercise.

Decide the types of exercises: Decide what specific type of exercise you want to engage in. For instance, cardiovascular exercise will help you lose fat, whereas lifting weights will build muscle.

Cardio Vascular Workout layout: A. Incorporate 30-minute exercise sessions into your schedule. Thirty minutes of daily exercise is adequate for most people. B. Decide on a form of cardiovascular exercise for a specific day of the week. Using a treadmill or stair-climbing machine, jogging, biking, and swimming are all effective forms of cardiovascular exercise. C. Warm up and actively stretch for 5 minutes before beginning any activity. D. Exercise at a moderate pace for 20 minutes. E. Follow with a 5-minute cool down. F. Change your schedule to accommodate longer exercise periods when appropriate.

Weight lifting Workout layout: A. Begin by performing total body workouts aimed at conditioning every major muscle group (upper body, lower body and back). Balanced development is extremely important. B. Split your workouts as you become a more experienced lifter. This will enable you to better concentrate on specific muscle groups and areas. A common split that targets every major muscle group is: chest and triceps, back and biceps, shoulder and legs. C. Rest your muscles between sessions. Allow each muscle group at least one day of rest between sessions. Your muscles can't grow unless they have time to rest and heal. D. Stick to your workout schedule.

Eating healthy food: Do not eat deep fried foods or white rice, white bread and chemically sweetened foods. Try to minimize processed and canned foods. Include natural and fresh foods, such as fresh meat, fish, nuts, seeds, vegetable, fruits, eggs and milk into your daily diet. This should build muscle and and help to burn fat in minimum time, giving you a stronger and better physique.

Follow the suggestions on this page for at least a month to see the results. These results will keep you motivated to work out further and achieve a better body.

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The best way to build lean muscle is to watch what you eat while working out. You can also take supplements to help build muscle faster. You can find supplements such as carotene at your local pharmacy.

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Q: What can be some good ways to build muscle and burn fat?
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If you build muscle do you get skinny?

Any exercise that builds muscle will burn fat, but it wont make you skinny. Some of the strongest men in the world are fairly chubby.

How many calories would you burn doing one pushup if you weigh 103lbs?

lol this is like an impossible answer. If your looking to burn calories, you need to do cardio (run, bike, walk ever) something that will build a gradual burn rather than deplete muscles. If your looking to build some muscle, then do some pushups.

Are high protein supplements good for bulking up?

High protein supplements will help you build muscle if you do some strength training. It will help you recover and build more muscle from these workouts.

Can anyone recommend some good exercises for arms to help build muscle mass in women?

Arm exercises to build muscle mass are very simple and don't have to be done in a gym. A simple set of barbels can be used for doing curls and lifting. Pushups are also a good exercise for increasing muscle mass in your arms.

What are some simple workout routines for a beginner?

You should start with a weight you can handle. If you can do around 10 reps max, then that's a good weight to build muscle. If you can do around double that, then it's good for toning your muscle.

Can running after a few months of eating right and doing muscle workouts to gain muscle make you lose fat and not muscle?

Your large muscles normally burn some fat. I have no Idea what you mean by muscle workouts. Continuous exercise is better than just short bursts of exercise. Both can build muscles.

What are some good ways for a teen to build muscle?

The most often recommended way to build muscle, regardless of age, is through plain exercise, specifically weightlifting. Combining weightlifting with proper nutrition, hydration, and rest can produce the best results. Some supplements exist but are not proven, and can produce dangerous results.

Does androsterone build muscle?

Some independent studies have been conducted on this. Some have shown it doesn't grow muscle but others have shown it can have up to an increase of 30 percent in muscle.

Are there any good websites that will give me detailed information on how to build muscle the natural way?

There are lots and lots of websites and books that will help give you information on exercises and healthy diets that can help you build muscle without the use of drugs. I have included a couple of websites that I think will be of some help to you: and

Will muscle strength supplements help me build my scrawny frame?

Yes, muscle strength supplements can help you build your scrawny frame. You also need to do some weight training.

What are the best Muscle Recovery Supplements?

There are some very good muscle recovery supplements on the market place that will help you. There are certain amino acids that your muscles need like BCAA, which can be taken from a whey protein (protein is good in helping to build up some muscle mass. Which you can get in a powder and make into a shake. Protein can also be taken from milk and cheese. Also, Glutamine and Creatine aid in muscle recovery.

If I want to build muscle what are some good weight loss plans?

You can go to a gym and start a membership and possibly get a trainer who can help you devise a plan that fits your needs to lose weight but also build muscle. A nutritionist can also help guide you on a healthy path to losing weight.