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it was a Gramophone record player that is a smaller version of a record player

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Q: What came after the record player?
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What came after the record?

The first mp3 player

What music playing device came directly after the gramophone?

the record player

What is a 1963 Ultra Glide record player?

The Ultra Glide is a record player used in cars from 1957 to 1968. It is the prelude to the CD player. The Ultra Glide came in a kit that could easily be installed. A section pulled out to reveal a record player and a case came with it to store records. It only played 45's. Read attached files ...interesting or email me for this information. Vicki Owens WHS Williamstown WV

What year was the turntable invented?

turntables were invented around the 1930's but the record player came out more in the 1970's

What is a record player called?

A phonograph is commonly called a record player.

What does the ultra glide record player do?

the ultra glide record player was used for recording player

What is also called a record player?

A phonograph is commonly called a record player.

What is quicktime player?

Quicktime player is a software that you can use to Screen Record, Movie Record (Using your webcam), Audio Record.

How did the record and record player change the world?

the record brought cultures together

What inventor was credited with inventing the record player?

Thomas Alva Edison invented the record player.

How to get the record player in harvest moon friends of mineral town?

The record player is broken, but if you will want it you need Ann to be your girlfriend and help her first at the clinic and she will give you the record player.

What is the ultra glide record player?

A record player that was introduced in 1963 it did not scratch record when the car ran over bumps -Used in cars

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