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Stevens made several smoothbore guns chambered for .22, .32 and .44 rimfire shotshells. A .32 rimfire would be .09 inches smaller in diameter than a .410 and a lot shorter. There were 9MM shotshells which would be about .05 inches smaller, but I don't think Stevens ever made a shotgun for these.

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Q: What caliber is a Stevens smooth bore smaller than 410 but not by much?
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Was the Stevens 954lr a smooth bore or a rifle bore?

Rifled, unless you have one marked "shot only"

What are the inside diameters of the bore and chamber of a Stevens 30 caliber rim-fire?

Stevens 30 caliber rim fire is not a true 30 caliber. Chamber is .296. Bore .270 t0 .277. I found a 30 caliber rim fire round, at a gun show. It did not measure out to a 30 cal. Shot shooter

What caliber does a J Stevens model 39A take?

It's a .410 bore shotgun

Will 22 caliber cleaning rod fit down a 177 caliber barrel?

Not usually. The bore diameter of a .177 cal. is smaller. If the rod did fit the bore, the brush or jag wouldn't.

Is there a word beginning with C meaning gun bore?

Caliber "Caliber" is a word for the diameter of the bullet or the bore of the gun.

What were the years of production for the Thompson Center .56 caliber smooth-bore firearm?

From what I can find it was in production from 1990 to 1997 but sold until 2001

Which caliber barrel is heaviest all things being equal a 22 caliber b 30 caliber c 44 caliber or d the barrels weigh the same?

The 22 weighs more. Being that the 22 is smaller the hole you bore to fit it in the barrel is smaller, there for you have more steel than in the 44 calibur barrel.

What are two types of bore site tools?

Rifled bore and Smooth bore

What is the difference between caliber and bore of a gun?

Caliber and bore are used interchangeably nowadays. There are technical differences you can find in the dictionary if you wish.

Can you change the barrel of a pellet rifle from a rifled to a smooth barrel?

Yes it could be done, but you would have to locate a smooth bore barrel to change it with. Remember smooth bore barrels are not as accurate as a rifled bore barrel.

Geometry of a paintball?

Paintballs are a sphere, and average about .685 caliber, but can be manufactured to .02 larger or smaller than that for different bore matching practices.

Was the Stevens 22lr a smooth bore or a rifle bore?

MOST were rifled firearms, but a small number of smoothbore .22s were made. They are usually marked "shot only". Many older rifles can APPEAR to be smoothbores- until they are thoroughly cleaned.

What kind of weapon is the Matchlock Arquebus?

Early black powder large caliber smooth bore musket. IIRC, muzzle is slightly funnel shaped to assist loading.

Where can you purchase a smooth bore 177 air rifle?

Almost any Combination BB & Pellet rifle is smooth bore. BB rifles usually are Smoothe bore. The Crosman model 760 is such a rifle and can be purchased at most sportingood stores. Look at the packaging and it will say Smooth bore. Smooth bore barrels are less accurate than rifled bore barrels. Cabelas, Basspro, Big5 and Sports Authority usually carry them.

What is the diameter of a guns bore called?

The caliber

What is caliber of a gun?

The caliber of a firearm refers to the bore diameter of the barrel,and what caliber is marked near the chamber of the gun,or on the barrel.

What bore snake would you use for an ak47?

Any .30 caliber bore snake will work.

What is the caliber of a 28 gauge?

Shotguns do not have a caliber. However, a 28 bore is 14mm or .55 of an inch.

What is the Diameter of a gun bore?

It depends on the caliber of the bullet.

What term describes the size of a rifle bore?


What is a Routledge bore for a 22 long?

Routledge bore is a smooth bore for 22 rimfire rifles. It is most likely named after the person who originally came up with this type of bore. The barrel is smooth bored after the chamber at 22 caliber bore . Then appr 14 inches from the muzzle it spreads out to about.410 all the way out to the muzzle. Looking at the muzzle end it appears to be a mini shotgun. These rifles were made to fire 22 rimfire shot cartridges and were generally used for pest control or shooting at mini clay birds or crackers.

What is the caliber rating?

If you're talking about firearms, caliber refers to the diameter of the bullet or the bore size of of the gun.

What is the term that describes the size of a rifle or handgun bore?


What is a term that describes the size of a rifle or handgun bore?


What is 30 bore cal?

I suppose you mean: What is a 30 caliber bore? The bore of a Rifle is referred to as the caliber, which equates to the diameter of the bullet it fired. A gun that shoots a 9mm bullet would be a 9mm caliber or the bore size. Most guns originally made in US were measured in INCHES. Thus a 22 caliber rifle was a gun that shot a 0.22 inch diameter bore. Since the US Army began to change over to the metric system, it began making guns to the 9mm and 7.62mm sizes. Some bores can have alternate names. A new pistol bullet is the 0.40 INCH caliber designed by Smith&Wesson is also referred to as the 10mm caliber. The bore size of Shotguns are measured using Gauge. For example, shotguns are referred to as 12-Gauge or 20-Gauge. Gauge is an unusual measurement. The gauge equates to the number of lead balls that are made to the diameter of shotgun's bore and totals a weight of 1 pound. Thus, a 12-gauge shotgun has a diameter that of a ball that would weight 1/12 of a pound. That means the Larger the bore of the shotgun, the smaller the gage number. A 12-gauge shotgun is bigger bore than a 20-gauge shotgun.

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