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Red Bull, Chicago Bulls, Bull Cuts, Bull Rings, and Bull ****.

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Q: What bull has never been ridden?
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Are there horses at bull riding events?

Yes. They are ridden by the pick up men and help corral a bull who does not want to go back into the corrals after being ridden.

Is it you had never rode a zoo cart or you had never ridden a zoo cart?

you had never ridden a zoo cart

What percentage of American women have ridden on a bull?


Are bull sharks bottom feeders?

Absolutley not! Bull sharks have never been botttom feeders! Who told you they were? Hope that Helped!!

Will a bull ride a cow that has already been breed?

No, not usually. On rare occasions, a cow may experience false heats during pregnancy where she can be ridden by a bull, but otherwise, a cow that is pregnant stays pregnant and doesn't go into heat until a couple weeks after she's given birth.

How do you find out the history of your Yamaha Blaster?

ask the person you bought it off of normally buying a used ATV is risky a person will never really know how hard it has been ridden or the damages that have been done

How far up river has a bull shark been reported?

The answer to how far has a bull shark been up river is 2000 miles. Most rivers you go in you may think are safe but many are not, Bull Sharks are fresh water animals you never know, canals and anything you may think of, their traveling closer and closer up shores!

Can a hackney pony be ridden sidesaddle?

Yes a Hackney pony can be ridden sidesaddle provided it has been properly trained and is of a correct size for the tack and rider.

Why has the zebra not been used as a regular means of riding horse?

Zebras are a very nasty animal for all of their neat appearance. Many attempts have been made to domesticate and/or tame them but it never works. There have been a few zbras trained to pull a cart (as a curiosity) , but never to be ridden. The big push for zebra domestication is that they are immune to several diseases that afflict horses in Africa.

Which is passive had ridden will ride are riding or will be ridden?

"will be ridden" is passive.

Is gestation period determined by bull or cow?

Only by the cow, it is never ever determined by the bull.

Has there ever been proper bull sperm taurine in red bull?

Taurine is an amino acid. And it's indeed found in semen. And bile. And some other tissues. But it's far cheaper to MAKE it than to extract it from animal tissues. So no, bull sperm, testicles or urine has NEVER been the source for commercial amounts of taurine.

Can a pit bull die of sadness?


Can bull sharks live in lakes in Tennessee?

Bull sharks have been found in fresh water and are known to swim upstream. There have not been reports of Bull sharks in the waters of Tennessee.

How many people are killed in bullfights each year?

there is no actual answer to this.. because people have never been able to record the data to a bull fight.

What defense does a pit bull use to survive?

Pit bulls have never been wild dogs so it is the same as house hold dogs.

Was the donkey that Mary rode in on to Bethlehem the same donkey that Jesus rode on before his death?

The Gospels of Mark and Luke state the donkey that Jesus rode had never been previously ridden. Matthew and John also mention that it was a colt.

Do you say i haven't ridden or i haven't rode?

I haven't ridden...

Was there ever a bull shark in the Delaware river?

Good question there was never a bull shark in the delawere river plus a shark can go from an ocean to a lake or a river but there might of been one but the people should not have went swimmming there that there was a shark in the river but good question! :)

Are there bull sharks in the Chicago river?

Sharks have been found in various rivers throughout the U.S. in places scientists had previously said sharks would never go. Thus, the possibility is always there that a shark, bull or otherwise, could make it into the Chicago River.

What does green under saddle mean with horses?

It means that the horse hasn't been ridden for a long time even though it's been broken.

You are 5'2 and never ridden a dirt bike wondering if someone can tell you what bike is for you?

an 80cc to a 125cc depending on how much you weigh.

Is it illegal to noodle in the Mississippi river?

I wouldnt think so but I have never been To Mississippi. sorry if i am wrong, i am also pretty sure there is bull sharks in that river sooo.......

Can zebras be ridden?

Yes, but only if they have been trained correctly, which is hard to do since they are aggressive by nature.

What was the most famous civil war horse?

· Aldebaron ridden by Col. Philip Sheridan · Almond Eye ridden by Major General Benjamin Butler · Ajax ridden by General Lee · Beauregard ridden by Captain W. Rasin · Baldy ridden by Brig General George Meade · Billy ridden by Major General George Thomas · Black Hawk ridden by Major General William Bate · Boomerang ridden by Col. John McArthur · Brown Roan ridden by General Lee · Burns ridden by General McClellan · Cincinnati ridden by Lt. General U. S. Grant · Decatur ridden by Major General Philip Kearny · Dixie ridden by Major General Patrick Cleburne · Fire-eater ridden by General Albert Johnston · Fleeter ridden by Confederate Spy Belle Boyd · Grace Darling ridden by General Lee · Highfly ridden by General Jeb Stuart · Jack ridden by General Grant · Joe Smith ridden by Brig. General Adam Johnson · Kentuck ridden by Major General George McClellan · Lexington ridden by General William Sherman · Lookout ridden by Major General Joseph Hooker · Lucy Long ridden by General Lee · Old Fox ridden by Col. E. Skinner · Old Sorrel ridden by General Thomas J. Stonewall Jackson · Old Whitey ridden by Bickerdyke · Moscow ridden by Major General Philip Kearny · Nellie ridden by Brig. General Kenner Garrard · Nellie Gray ridden by Major General Fitzhugh Lee · King Philip ridden by Nathan Bedford Forrest · Richmond ridden by General Lee · Rienzi changed name to Winchester ridden by General Sheridan · Rifle ridden by Lt. General Richard Ewell · Sam ridden by General Sherman · Sardanapalus ridden by M. Jeff Thompson · Slasher ridden by Major General John Logan · Traveller ridden by General Lee · Virginia ridden by Major General Jeb Stuart Source: "Civil War Curiosities" by Webb Garrison & "Horses of the Civil War Leaders" by Theo F. Rodenbough