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Leroy Hoard Wore 33.I'm still digging for more.

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WR Reggie Rucker

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Q: What browns player have wore number 33?
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Who wore number 33 for the New York Jets in 1984?

No player wore #33.

What is Jordan Poyer's number on the Cleveland Browns?

Jordan Poyer is number 33 on the Cleveland Browns.

What baseball player wore 33?

Honus Wagner

What NE Pats player wore 33?

Kevin Faulk.

Who wore number 33 for the Boston Bruins?

Zdeno Chara

Who wore number 33 for penn state?

Jack Ham

What number did Spartan running back Sedric Irvin wear?

he wore number 33

What number did Ron dayne wear in college?

Ron Dayne wore number 33.

What number was Roger Craig's jersey?

Roger Clemens wore number 21.

What number did Patrick Ewing wear in Seattle?

Ewing wore # 33.

What was Mahnon Reaumes jersey number for the Tampa Bay Lightning?

She wore # 33 .

How many steeler players wore jersey number 33?

One at at time.