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The Milito's (Diego for Inter and Gabriel for Bayern Munich)

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Q: What brothers played on opposing teams in 2010 champions league final?
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Who has played most champions league games?

Ryan Giggs, the welsh player who played for Manchester United, has played the most CHampions League games. He has played 141 champions league games.

What 2 brothers played against each other in the champions league final of 2010?

Gabriel and Diego Milito

Who has played for 2 champions league winning clubs but has never played in a champions league final?

It is the French defender Mersaile Desaily.

What two brothers played against each other in the champions league?

It could be Filipo Inzaghi and Simone Inzaghi.For Milan and lazio.

Champions League final in 2015 stadium?

The Champions League final will be played in the Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany.

Who played for 4 champions league winners but never won the champions league?

dundee united won

What is the date of the champions league final 2012?

The UEFA Champions League final 2012 will be played on 27th May,2012. It will be played in Munich.

What are the Names the ex rangers players who have champions league medals?

The twin brothers Frank De boer and Ronald De Boer won the chamion league medal when they played for Ajax of Amsterdam . Both brothers also played for Rangers after their time at Barcelona.

What cup from now on will be played between the winners of the Champions League and the Europa League?

The cup will called the UEFA Super Cup. It will be played between the winners od the Champions League and Europa League.

Who has won the champions league and played in the scottish premier league?

It is Celtic.

When is the champions league final will played 2013 which ground and country?

THe final of the Champions league 2013 was played on 25th May. It was played in the historic Wembley Stadium in England.

Which is the date for this years champions league finals and in which ground?

This year's Champions league finals will be played on 6th June. The final will be played in Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany.

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