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No golfer has ever won 6 US Opens.

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Q: What british golfer won the us golf open 6 times?
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Which Australian Golfer has won British Open the most times?

peter Thompson

Who won the US Open golf in 1997?

the golfer with the fewest strokes

Which major championship in golf does the claret jug refer to?

The Claret Jug, officially known as the Golf Champion Trophy, is presented to the winner of The Open Championship along with the Gold Medal. The winner is announced as the "Champion Golfer of the Year".

Which Irish golfer has won the US Open Golf Tournament?

Graeme McDowell

When did British Open Championship Golf happen?

British Open Championship Golf happened in 1997.

Who won the British Open 2010?

South African golfer Louis Oosthuizen won the British Open 2010.

When was British Open Championship Golf created?

British Open Championship Golf was created on 1997-04-30.

What amateur won 4 major golf tournaments in the same year?

No Amateur Golfer has ever won The Masters at Augusta National.

Who was the youngest golfer to win the British open in 1979?

Seve Ballesteros

Who was the English golfer who won the British Open in 1969 and the US Open in 1970?

Tony Jacklin

Who was the first lady golfer to win the British Open and US Open in the same year?

Patty Sheehan

Who was the golfer that had the highest number of rounds under par at the british open?

greg norman