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The Kentucky Derby is a race for Thoroughbred horses.

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Q: What breed of horse races in the Kentucky Derby?
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What is the length of the Kentucky horse race?

By 'Kentucky Horse Race' I'll assume you mean Kentucky Derby as there are hundreds of races in Kentucky. The Derby is a mile and one fourth in length.

Why did the Kentucky Derby start?

Well it all started because of the horse races in Kentucky.

What are the three major horse races?

Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont

What type of horse races in the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is limited to Thoroughbreds registered with the Jockey Club and three years of age.

What is the Kentucky Derby famous for?

The Kentucky Derby is famous as it is considered one of the most prestigious horse races in America. The Kentucky Derby is held at the Churchill Downs race track.

Does the horse have to be a thoroughbred horse to berrel race?

Any horse breed can barrel race. Thoroughbreds are actually not commonly used for barrel racing. They are usually used for races like the kentucky derby and that kind of races and also for dressage.

Why are horses important to Kentucky?

there are horse races in kentucky - kentucky derby

Why did Queen Elizabeth attend the Kentucky Derby?

Queen Elizabeth is a fan of horse races.

In the Kentucky Derby what does win place and show mean?

In the Kentucky Derby -- and all thoroughbred races -- "win" in the horse that comes in first, "place" is the horse that finishes 2nd, and "show" is the horse that finishes 3rd.

What three races make up the triple crown in horse races?

the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes

What are the races in the triple crown of horse racing?

The Kentucky Derby, then the Preakness, and finally the Belmont Stakes.

What kind of sports are in Kentucky?

A sport that is in kentucky is horse racing. There are over 500 farms in Kentucky alone, and many famous races such as the Kentucky Derby.

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